Dharma, Activation and Action! New Moon in Virgo On August 27th, 2022…

Dharma, Activation and Action! New Moon in Virgo On August 27th, 2022

On Saturday, August 27th, 2022, a New Moon in Virgo is starting a new cycle by harvesting the fruits of our labors in both human and spiritual dimensions.

An earth sign ruled by Mercury and Chiron, Virgo highlights the qualities of communication, intellect, details, devotion, compassion, and precision.

Virgo is the ultimate teacher and healer when we tune in the devotion and servitude that carry its qualities. This New Moon will help us focus on caring for ourselves and supporting our energy.

Collect Your Dharma!

The Universe is giving back with gratitude for all you have been given. Be ready to expand, receive, and multiply. The New Moon in Virgo signs a new post, a new beginning in collaboration with your Divine Bank, called Dharma.

Virgo is about improvement, healing, finding solutions, persistence, tenacity, and mastering the next level of focus. Under this New Moon in Virgo, we can develop strength in the mind, body, and spirit to improve our daily work and self-care rituals and take our commitments to a higher level.

A flow between Leo, Virgo, and Libra will guide us into a new space of self-validation and self-approval that will keep us open to source and bring new opportunities.

It could be frustrating if you attend to too many things and won’t get things done in the Virgo style. The shadow aspect of Virgo manifests when its qualities are disconnected from the Source, and the bigger picture is lost; focus becomes an obsession, attention to details creates paralyzation, and the capacity to see and transform details is delivered with judgment.

It’s Action Time.

Mars in Gemini squaring the Moon will help you out of the shadow by bringing more flexibility; you may figure things out along the way rather than following plans, and specific steps as Virgo would prefer.

Mars and Gemini are fast-moving planets, combined with the grounded Virgo, which will make you feel supported and confident in obtaining what you want. The presence of Mars’ energy of action can also be channeled to move your body, exercise, swim, or dance.

Activate Your Super Nature!

With Venus and Jupiter, both activated during this New Moon, you can expect a clear focus on what you want, a superb ability to see beyond details, and receive opportunities that will bring you joy and abundance.

Jupiter sextile Mars will bring joy into your action, impacting your manifestation quality and ability to imagine big and with a positive attitude.

Venus square with the North Node, and Uranus, adds more creative energy and a sense of freedom of expression.

Mercury in Libra stimulates conversations and collaboration with others. It will make you more prone to share your thoughts and receive feedback and solutions.

Venus in Leo, opposite Saturn, could bring disappointment. Venus is about abundance and love, while Saturn is about responsibility and work. Try to slow down, remember who you are, and avoid looking for approval from others at this time.


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