How To Detoxify And Open Your Third Eye…

How To Detoxify And Open Your Third Eye

Opening the Third Eye

For thousands of years, the third eye has been venerated as an important spiritual point in Indian mythology.

Located between the eyebrows, it’s considered to be the focal point for exiting the body at will.

It’s said that by opening this point, spiritual experiences and perceptions flow easily and readily.

But in our modern day world, stresses can overwhelm the body, leaving this point, and its anatomical counterpoint, the pineal gland, vulnerable and sickly.

Here’s how to fix that, so that your spiritual perceptions flow readily and easily!

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Even if you don’t believe in the Third Eye, detoxifying your pineal gland will only help you.

The pineal gland can easily get a “build-up” of calcium deposits through improper diet, fluoridation in tap water, and pesticide-laden foods. This is called “calcification”.

Unknowingly, many people have this problem.

So how do we get rid of it? Through diet of course!

Eating a rich plant-based diet has the effect of cleansing the body, naturally and painlessly.

But you can greatly speed up that process by incorporating just a few other things:

Oregano oil and neem extract-

Both of these plants have been used in the detoxification process for a long time, with neem being used for thousands of years in India. They both act as a natural “antibiotic” for preventing calcium deposits.

Apple cider vinegar-

Malic acid, an integral part of apple cider vinegar, helps to decalcify the pineal gland by supporting the digestive system. Important side note: it must be raw.


Because our tap water contains fluoride, many of us have been exposed to sodium flouride- one of the key components to building up calcification of the pineal gland. Iodine, found in plants such as seaweed, naturally improves the body’s ability to remove sodium flouride through the urine.

Emotional cleansing-

You can’t talk about detoxifying the body without addressing the effect of stress. Do your best to eliminate stress-inducing activities, such as arguments, adrenaline rushes, etc. This will be a huge advantage in cleansing the pineal gland.


You can’t talk about opening the spiritual eye without addressing the root cause of why it’s closed: lack of spiritual practice.

Just as you have to work out to get stronger muscles, you must meditate in order to open the third eye.

This involves creating a regular routine and deep concentration.

Finding a meditation technique that works for you is very important, but it all comes back to silently focusing on the point between the eyebrows.

Here’s a brief technique that works wonders:

  • Do a meditation that works for you. You can chant, repeat mantras, or whatever for 5-10 minutes.
  • While doing your own chanting, lift your gaze inward and upward slightly and focus on the spiritual eye.
  • Imagine your words flowing from that point.
  • After doing your mantras or chants, come into a moment of silence and deeply focus at the point between the eyebrows.

Repeating that process over and over is highly effective for opening the spiritual eye.

You can even practice small moments of silence like this throughout the day, just by closing your eyes.


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