Detox Your Thoughts

“The mind is everything. What you think, you become.” – Buddha

This time of year countless fad diets are floating around, coaxing billions of dollars from people turning to miracle foods and supplements to detox their body and lose weight. Which makes sense; you are what you eat, right? Healthy is as healthy does?

Most of us grew up believing food and drink are the building blocks for a healthy body. Taking a daily multivitamin was considered de-rigor for maximum health – until it wasn’t. Medical journals such as Annals of Internal Medicine blew the lid off that theory when they published studies concluding multivitamins don’t work any better than placebo pills.

So it turns out, you are not what you eat. Well here’s something to chew on. You are what you think you are.

There’s no point in making dietary or other lifestyle changes until you detox your brain! Toxic self-talk will keep you trapped in a cycle of negativity, creating stress and dis-ease until disease manifests. I’m sorry to say no amount of healthy smoothies can negate that, my friend. But I know something that will.

Forty years ago Dr. Maxwell Maltz’s ground-breaking book Psychocybernetics proposed that a person can’t perform any better or worse than what they believe to be true. Since then, further studies in neuropsychology have concluded that we have the power to change our lives through our innate ability to change our minds.

Only you have the ability to change the way you think and feel about yourself. It’s relatively easy to affect change in your life, but first, you must stop wasting energy listening to critical inner dialogue and reprogram those internal conversations. We think constantly, day and night, but up to 85% of those thoughts are habitual and no longer serve you.

Affirmations, on the other hand, are thoughts you deliberately choose because you want the results they’ll produce. They’re a powerful tool to help you replace negative mind chatter with beneficial thought patterns that can change your life, and they work hand in hand with visualization.

In his book Becoming Supernatural Dr. Joe Dispenza illustrates what happens in the brain when we interrupt and change thoughts. The old thought connections literally weaken and fall away while the new neurological pathways are strengthened. You are indeed changing your brain, and therefore your life!

Affirmations should always be phrased positively, in the present tense. For example, ‘I love and respect my healthy body’ rather than ‘I won’t eat crap all the time anymore’.

I recommend that you set aside time some time to meditate each day, even 10 minutes. While still in a relaxed state focus on your goal, using all your senses to imagine it just as you wish it to be. Then, while holding the image in your mind, say your affirmations silently or aloud, or write them 10 times. If negative thoughts arise, release them before returning to your positive thoughts.

Don’t think affirmations can work for you? You can easily quell that doubt by writing “my affirmations will work for me whether I believe them or not,” 10 times a day for two weeks.

Recognizing that your thoughts create your reality puts you in the driver’s seat of your life. Like your own spiritual GPS, affirmations and visualizations will get you where you want to go, every time. Try it and see for yourself! The sky’s the limit, so why not make this beautiful new decade amazing!


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