Depression & Yoga

In this day and age of connectivity thanks to social media, the internet and cell phones… surprisingly enough, depression is on the rise. where in the past the youth were able to exercise in a pollution free environment, we now opt to stay indoors and breathe the air filtered through expensive air purifiers which has an adverse affect on our health. Brisk walks or jogging through green belts has become pointless.

As a result, We spend most of the time indoors, hunched over computers for hours at a time…neglecting our social lives and even familial relationships which lead to a very lonely existence, that is filled with hours of online entertainment.

These habits lead to a drop in the bodys’ ability to produce serotonin which I call the happiness chemical, that the body naturally produces along with endorphins which contributes to a feeling of well being.

However there is a solution and this is to ensure that one practices a well rounded sequence of yoga under the guidance of a seasoned and well trained instructor in the comfort of their home.

Yoga is now being proved by the western medical world (something we always knew in the east) to have far reaching benefits when practiced on a regular basis, provided it is a meditative form of yoga connecting one to the breath and to the body. Things like power yoga, jogging and exercising at the gym work on the exterior part of the body however if one wants a more holistic experience then it is recommended to enlist a restorative form of yoga, which includes pranayam.

This allows one to be more aware of ones self which in turn enables a person to understand that we are not our thoughts or feelings, for they pass. If however it permeates to a feeling of lethargy or develops into wanting to commit suicide, professional help should always be sought.

This allows one to manage stress more effectively and be in better spirits when interacting as usually people can be quite rude or obnoxious in their dealings.

Doing yoga regularly increases energy levels, takes care of aches and pains that develop due to sedentary life styles and allows a person to feel better about themselves due to the endorphin and serotonin chemicals being released in the body.

The adage of slow down and smell the flowers has never been more important than in today’s world.


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Priyanka Devi Gupta

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Priyanka is a native of india who comes from a mixed background. She taught private yoga in new delhi, India,…

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