Delicious Spicy Corn Flour Bell Pepper Empanadas…

Delicious Spicy Corn Flour Bell Pepper Empanadas

“Full of Antioxidants, Lots of Protein, Lowers Blood Pressure, Lowers Blood Sugar, Cholesterol Free, Gluten Free, Lots of B-Vitamins, and Great Iron”

This recipe is a super healthy and very filling meal that is sure to please the whole house. And they make great on-the-go snacks for the whole family. And these empanadas contain lots of great nutrients that will keep you going for hours. Full of antioxidants, good fatty acids, lots of probiotic building fiber, good protein, prevent macular degeneration, lowers blood pressure, lowers blood sugar, and stops viruses. Gluten free, cholesterol free, contains B-Vitamins, full of great energy for hard-working people, lots of iron, and calcium… and they are easy to make.

Another Whole-Foods Plant-Based Recipe

Ingredients Outer Covering:

2 – Cups of Organic Corn Flour – Yellow or White

Dash of Salt

Enough Filtered Water to Make a Stiff Dough

Ingredients for Filling:

2 – Cups of Organic Brown Rice

1 – Large Organic Orange or Red Bell Pepper – Chopped

1 – Large Organic Yellow Bell Pepper – Chopped

1 – Large Organic Onion – Chopped

6 – Cloves of Organic Garlic – Minced

1 1/2 – Tablespoons of Mrs. Dash Seasoning

1 – Tablespoon of Organic Garlic Powder

1/4 – Teaspoon of Organic Cayenne Pepper Powder – Leave this out if you like.

2 – Cubes of Organic Veggie Salt-Free Bouillon.

Mix the corn flour, water, and a bit of salt and make a stiff dough and place in a bowl.

Cover the dough with a moist cloth and let sit in the refrigerator for 45 minutes to an hour.

Then cook the rice with all the rest of the ingredients.

Let the rice mixture cool

Make the tortilla size crusts

Fill them on one side with the rice and veggie mixture, fold the crust over and crimp the side of the empanada like a pie crust.

Bake the empanada either in a 400-Degree oven for 45 to 50 minutes until slightly brown.

Or place in an air fryer set at 400-Degrees for 30 minutes until slightly brown.

When they first come out of the oven they will be crisp.

But if you put them in the fridge and warm them later they will be softer… it depends upon what you like.

Serve with your favorite sauce – Hot Sauce, Garlic Sauce, Mustard Sauce

Makes 12 to 15 Empanadas

Serves 8 people – Or 3 Hungry Guys


Remember to eat organic – Regular fruits, veggies, and grains contain from 30 to 50 disease-causing chemicals in them… not good. So eat organic and stay healthy.

See Link to Article About the Health Benefits of Organic Corn Flour –

Dr. Paul Haider – Master Herbalist


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