Delicious Creamy Italian Soup With Fresh Oregano…

Delicious Creamy Italian Soup With Fresh Oregano

“Anti-Inflammatory, Anticancer, Great for Anemia, Low Glycemic Index, Helps with Arthritis, Great for Colds and the Flu, and Good for the Eyes”

Here is delicious super creamy Italian based soup that the whole family will love. This soup is so simple you won’t believe it. And it’s full of healing nutrients that will do your body good. This wonderful soup will help with lots of healing antioxidants, it’s a powerful anti-inflammatory, helps with arthritis, helps with pain, it’s great for anemia, and contains good Omega Oils, helps to prevent cancer, has a low glycemic index making it great for diabetics, helps with the healing of colds and the flu… and it’s antibacterial. And this recipe takes only minutes to put together.

Another Whole-Foods Plant-Based Recipe:


4 – Cups of Organic Taro Root – Chopped – You can also use potatoes but the glycemic index will go up.

4 – Medium Organic Green Bananas – Peeled and Chopped

1 – Large Organic Yellow Onion – Chopped

6 – Cloves of Organic Garlic – Minced

1 1/4 – Cups of Fresh Organic Oregano – Chopped

1 – Tablespoon of Organic Garlic Powder

2 – Tablespoons of Organic Italian Seasoning

1- 24 oz Bottle of Organic Fat-Free – Low-Salt – Marinara Sauce — or you could make your own.

Enough Filtered Water to Cover Everything

Salt and Pepper to Taste

(Optional) a Bit of Chopped Organic Oregano for Garnish

(Optional) a Bit of Hot Sauce if You Like it Spicy

(Optional) a Bit of Red Pepper for Garnish

Place everything in a large pot and cook until tender. Then let cool a bit and blend in a blender until everything until smooth. You might have to add a bit more water if need to make a thick soup.

That’s It!

Let cool and serve with the garnish of fresh oregano and red pepper.

Serves 12 people

See Link to Health Benefits of Organic Taro Root –

Remember Eat Organic – All regular food contains from 30 to 50 chemicals including 6 cancer-causing chemicals, 10 to 12 hormone-disrupting chemicals, and 10 or more other disease-causing chemicals – Not Good – Eat Organic and Stay Healthy!

Enjoy this Wonderful Soup!

Dr. Paul Haider – Master Herbalist


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