How To Use Deep Breathing To Soothe Anxiety…

How To Use Deep Breathing To Soothe Anxiety

Anxiety Begone

Deep breathing wasn’t a concept I was familiar with until about three years ago when I found myself sitting in the office of an acupuncturist.

I was on my last straw and was grasping for anything that might help my anxiety.

As I talked with the practitioner, he said something that has stuck with me ever since. I was explaining how, at family gatherings, I get stomachaches due to my anxiety, and his response was, “Well, maybe everyone will just have to accept that you have these stomachaches and that you have to go lay down.”

My mind started spinning, and I realized that I didn’t want to just accept my anxiety. I wanted to rid myself of it.

I needed tools to make it better, not just cover it up.

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New Life through Breathing

The next day, I ventured to the library and found a book called, The Healing Power of The Breath. I read it all the way through within three days, and it changed everything for me.

Of course, deep breathing is a day-to-day process and doesn’t just solve the problem overnight (nothing will do that!), but it did give me hope, and it allowed me to take control over my severe anxiety. I learned practical exercises that I could use anywhere to dissolve my stomachaches and muscle tension.

I learned how to breathe all over again.

You’re Doing It Wrong!

Breathing today is not really breathing. We’re all doing it wrong. We breathe like we’re in a rush, and we are. We’re all running from one thing to the next, and we literally forget to breathe.

Breathing is a natural form of relaxation and stress relief. When you get it right, you instantly feel calmer and more alive.

Most people breath through their chests, never even moving their stomachs, but to truly get the most out of your breath, you have to breathe through the stomach. Your stomach should be moving when you breathe.


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