I’m DeeAnn Tracy, And This Is My Dharma…

I’m DeeAnn Tracy, And This Is My Dharma

I am the founder of Peak Scents, a natural skincare brand that is plant-based, full of love and infuses the Arizona natural appetite for life with every drop.

Personal or Professional Goals:

Personally, I am eager to start back up my mastermind with my girlfriends, which had to take a pause due to the virus – Professionally, I’m working on visibility including Facebook Lives, Podcasts, and PRESS!

What’s Your Offering to the World?

Offering a better, healthier way to protect adventurers on river, and adventures in spirit’s skin because it didn’t exist when I needed it.

Who/What Inspires You?

My Mom, I grew up in her botanic presence and she inspired me to choose a life of natural adventure, and take the path less traveled.


We believe in transparency, anything that you can’t eat, we don’t include in our products.

Favorite Quote:

“Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature.”

Other Goals:

Peak Scents has recently partnered with the not for profit, American Rivers. As a previous river raft guide, this project means the WORLD to me!





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