Dear Woman

Dear Woman,

Take a moment to slow down and pause. Show up just as you are in the here and now. Your morning smile without makeup and products is a true divine work of art. You are beautiful just as you are. Your skin, the fabric of the universe is just the right complexion and tone. Your body is exactly the shape it was meant to be in this moment. Curvy, thin, voluptuous. No matter what label you want to put on it’s perfect in the here and now. Accept it. Love it. Own it. Your body works so hard for you even when you are sleeping. It is just asking to be loved, cared for and accepted. Speak softly to it as it grows, ages, and transforms. Know that you are beautiful no matter how many likes you get. Or how many people unfollow you. Other people’s judgments of you don’t define you. Because the truth is. You are love incarnated into this physical form. The truth is you are love and loved unconditionally.

Dear woman, you are phenomenal.

Believe it.

Remember it.

As a woman on a journey who has traveled on many roads so far and has many more steps to go, I realized how we speak to ourselves is so valuable. On my journey, I’m a mother, a counselor, an ex-wife, a daughter, a writer, a lover, an old friend, an ex-friend, a business owner, and the list goes on. Throughout all of this self-acceptance has been a part of the foundation of this journey. A knowing that love lives within me. And stepping into the belief that I am enough.

I write these words from my heart. In my 32 years, so far this is what I’ve learned. That beauty radiates from the inside out. Joy lives within you. Love is fluid like the air we breathe. Moments are precious. The force of life is everywhere all we have to do is stop and breathe and it will greet us like an old friend in the present moment.

Sending Love & Light,



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Randi-Mae Stanford-Leibold


Hello, My name is Randi-Mae. I support people, communities, and organizations on their wellness and mindfulness journey. I’m an author,…

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