Dealing With Ancient Karma On The Spiritual Path…

Dealing With Ancient Karma On The Spiritual Path

As we awaken spiritually, we are going to find that we have to deal with a lot of ancient karma, patterns written within our emotional body, coded into us on a subconscious level, that we were not aware of before.

Maybe we were able to avoid it for a long time, but then life throws us a challenge. Are we going to face the problem in a new healthy way, or are we going to revert back to our unconscious patterns?

A lot of us tend to do the latter, until it gets to the point where we literally cannot anymore. Something has to shift.

This has been something that I have dealt with on my own spiritual path to varying degrees. Even as I awaken more, there are patterns, particularly familial and relationship patterns, patterns related to self-worth and self-esteem, that continue to come up, again and again, until I have mastered them.

One example being codependency, which is a big one in the collective — depending upon or having to deal with people who are toxic, unhealthy, or not as far along as us on the spiritual path, because of imbalances in our own souls. This is an ancient template in my own lineage, and in the lineage of many women in particular, because historically, we have had to depend upon a man for money and housing, and so we may have had to act a certain way to please that man in order to keep it.

The spiritual path is all about self-mastery. The universe will test you, and the more spiritually advanced you are, the more difficult and close together the challenges will be.

Are you going to shift your life? Or are you going to fall back on the old patterns? The universe wants you to shift, but it can take some time, due to us being in a physical body. I recommend focusing on getting your basic needs met to the best of your abilities before taking on any more spiritual work.


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