Dare Not; Compromise

Dare Not; Compromise the authenticity of your values

The most important aspect of life is to protest and hold closely and dearly the integrity of your character and reputation. And it shall bode well being prudent to let your word be your bond. As you go forth-be insured to accomplished this in deliberate and intentional ways. This to ascertain having the following words expressed by others, when speaking about your character and reputation. Those two most important and essential words are:

• Trust and

• Respect

Remember, it would be un-thought of; uncouth, and probably even considered un-professional, to ever attempt, trying to demand either. It may turn out to be a situation that would not be received very well, why? Well if you have to ask; you’re already have the-ladder-of-success against the wall of the wrong side of the building

The Best way and the most prudent approach is to “Earn It”-the Trust and Respect

But Know This: you cannot earn it by being:

• Irresponsible

• Dis-avowing methods, remedies and solutions in put in place to help another for the sake of all humanity

• Displaying ruthless, selfish, senseless acts of cavalier tactics, and arrogance-often times exhibiting behavior patterns, seen by others, as being clueless, or having a do-not-care attitude

We are currently in the throes of the uncertainties of the dastardly pandemic COVID-19. The questions often asked are:

• Will we ever see normal times again?

• The thoughts being proclaimed and uttered, is that, what we are now witnessing from some of the powers that be, is not a situation of normalcy-it is far from it

• The ostensibly realization is that these times are the epitome of; not being normal

• Matter-of-Fact, the general consensus, of the populist, is that some of the powers that be, traits behavioral patterns are not responsible, and viewed as being beyond strange.

Looking and paying attention-from a Civility and Spiritual perspective it may be wise; to focus and fasten on a certain mind-set guise. One that give rise and attention to realigning your moral compass to new truth, learn to be calm, patient, and connect to physical and mental well-being to “Be Healthy” in the following ways:

• Use this ‘Now Time’ to isolate and Hibernate. You may be bored or have some pain. Remember, no gain without pain, and endured suffering to reach to reach the Glory

• Be resigned to take advantage to enjoy some quiet time, in solidarity

• Take some time to reflect-seek inner-peace and strive to connect and grasp ‘The Peace of The Lord’-Thus to have the ultimate feeling of contentment

• Be on the safe side; respect yourself, protect self and be concerned about the safety and protection of others

• Treat others the way you wish to be treated

This is the path of the journey to walk in the midst of happiness, richness, patience, restoration and kindness, disavow the lies, seek real new truth. This becomes the rule-ness for new coolness. Know that this is the path to earn the sought after ‘Respect and Trust’


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