3 Daily Tips For A Fresh Start To Spring…

3 Daily Tips For A Fresh Start To Spring

Letting Go of Winter

Spring. A time of renewal. A time of awakening.

During the winter months we hibernate. We hunker down and brace for winter’s icy breath, we slow down, and go innately inward. Then, here comes the sun!

During spring all of nature begins to unfurl itself from the depths of winter and bloom yet again. All humans, especially women, are very cyclical, just like nature, because they are a part of nature.

So isn’t it natural that we should have some kind of shedding and blooming process ourselves? Of course!

And yet for many of us, we don’t really stop to take a minute and evaluate the lessons of winter and where we are headed when we go into the spring season. For some of us, the spring equinox is simply another day, except for the fact that we have to change our clocks, but other than that, what changes do you really make? Anything?

Spring comes to us on March 20 this year, and I want to amp up your self-care toolkit to start spring off with a fresh start! It’s about letting go and switching things up.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What habits from the winter can you let go of that are no longer serving you?
  2. What thought patterns from the winter months are no longer serving you?
  3. Where are you feeling stagnant in your life? How can you up level that?
  4. What lessons did you learn in the winter? How can you apply those lessons going forward into spring?

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Try the following self-care tips:

Start a sacred morning ritual

Sometimes in the winter we get lazy with our morning routines, especially since it’s dark outside. Use the sun’s earlier rise to your advantage and use it as fuel to start your day with an extra boost of vigor and a new ritual!

So what exactly do I mean by sacred? For some, this might mean prayer, meditation, a gentle yoga sequence, writing in a gratitude journal, sitting by the window drinking your tea. Whatever it is, make it sacred, devote yourself to it.

Start your day with a ritual that doesn’t include checking your phone first thing or turning on the TV.

At least for the 10 minutes of waking up, try to keep all technology away and focus on your new morning ritual first thing.

You’ll be amazed at the amount of concentration and clarity that comes from starting your day off in a sacred space that speaks to you!

Create a not to-do list

Just as I asked you to let go of old habits and thoughts from the winter months above, why not try a fresh approach to your daily tasks, such as declaring what you’re NOT going to do today?

Think of it as creating laser focus in order to fully bloom open to your fullest potential! When we create a not to-do list, we get really honest with ourselves about those limiting or unproductive habits or patterns that we so easily sink in to, such as trolling Facebook instead of working, or doing laundry to avoid beginning the project that you so badly want to begin but are afraid to start.

Create a not to-do list and find the fresh clarity that you need for this spring!

 Create a sacred nightly routine

Just like the sacred morning routine, it’s just as important to finish your day on the right foot.

So many of us see the screen up until the final seconds before we close our eyes, and I can’t help but feel frustrated when I find myself doing this.

What about you? Wouldn’t it feel so much better to leave the phone in another room, drink some tea, and maybe have some pillow talk with your partner or write in a gratitude journal? Sacred space could be as simple as that.

It’s simply about making time for the things we love and that fill up our cup. Trust me, your gadgets really aren’t doing that for you!

You can also break it down and besides just having a daily evening ritual, such as a cup of decaf tea, you could also implement a once a week practice too, such as taking a bubble bath every Thursday at 8:30 p.m. Schedule in your sacred routines just like anything else. You schedule everything in your life, so why should your self-care be any different?

Create a ritual and devote yourself to it.

Here’s to your fresh start!


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