How Crystals And Gemstones Heal Us…

How Crystals And Gemstones Heal Us

You may have heard that crystals and gemstones are powerful healing tools, or that they can create radical changes in your life. You may have also heard that there is zero scientific evidence of this. Both of those statements, in my view, are true. How is that possible?

Just because we don’t know how an ancient healing technique works, doesn’t mean it won’t work at all. In fact, there are lots of healing remedies that were once considered woo-woo that’re now used in modern medicine. Medicine works on evidence. The thought process goes something like this: “Ok, once we understand exactly how it works, if it’s safe, and can measure its effectiveness precisely, we’ll give it to patients.”

This is a great line of thinking! Modern medicine is wonderful in many ways, but it only knows what it knows.

That is, they cannot measure the effectiveness of something that doesn’t claim to work on a physical level. Such is the case with crystals. According to crystal healing techniques, they work on the energetic-body: the chakras, meridians, or astral body. This is clearly beyond our ability to measure or understand at this time. Their effectiveness is purely subjective- that is, based on the testimony of those receiving the healing.

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How it Works

While no one’s exactly sure how they work, the theory goes something like this:

  • Crystals (and many gemstones) are formed over millions of years under lots of pressure and heat. They usually come from cooling magma or evaporating water in enclosed rock formations (such as geodes).
  • The energy it takes to create even one crystal is very intense, and creates a pure element (diamonds are pure carbon). These pure elements, having been intensified naturally, somehow influence us by interacting with the subtle energetic-body and refracting our energy back to us in a different way; just as a crystal breaks down light into rainbow colors.
  • In turn, we re-absorb that energy, which can help us. So in effect, crystals help us to access what we already have.

Especially in India, the ancients realized that these elements had a positive effect on us and could even help with specific ailments. This is why in nearly every culture in world history, there is a pattern of using precious stones or crystals as healing instruments. MANY people throughout history…I daresay millions- claim to have been healed in some way through the use of crystals. I don’t think they are all wrong…and I hope that as time goes by, we figure out the underlying reason why so many benefit from their use.

How to Treat Yourself

There are lots of different healing modalities using crystals, and they all have their own way of utilizing them. Reiki, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, even Native American healing ceremonies all have their own practices. However, one thing they do share is that the effect is much more powerful when in direct or close contact with the skin. That’s why we sell lots of jewelry related crystals such as malas, necklaces, and earrings. Have you ever felt a healing event happened to you through the use of crystals or gemstones? Let us know below! We’d love to hear 🙂

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