7 Ways To Create A Yoga Sanctuary In Your Home…

7 Ways To Create A Yoga Sanctuary In Your Home


Whether you are a seasoned yogi, a busy parent that needs a little “me” space, or you are simply trying to keep up with daily yoga as a new year’s resolution, investing a little time and money in an at-home sanctuary is a good way to kick off the summer. You’ll be so glad you did. Not only will you be motivated to practice more often, you’ll be more comfortable and relaxed when you do.

If I had an entire room and a ton of money to create a yoga studio in my home, I’d probably be a sucker to all the latest trends: large windows and soft, lightly colored paint to reflect the sunlight, tons of wood accents for coziness, sustainably harvested bamboo floors for zen, an extremely feng shui assortment of plants to keep the air clean and fresh, and an entire wall of mirrors to check my posture and poses.

However, most of us don’t have that much space, or capital, so here are some simple, inexpensive, mostly DIY ideas to create the perfect little yoga sanctuary in your home.

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1) Find The Right Area

It works best if you have a rectangular area of space, about twice as long as it is wide, so try and find a room that you can rearrange to accommodate this. Choose a space that has at least one window lighting it, and ideally the paint or wallpaper won’t be too dark or too busy. You want the space to be bright and breathable.

2) Calming Colors

When coordinating this space (decor, pots for the plants, cushions and mats, etc.) consider going with one color theme to foster a peaceful atmosphere. Blue is considered the most calming color, but only if there’s a lot of natural light, as blue themes combined with artificial light can create a cold, uninviting feeling. If you are lacking sunshine, consider going with a green theme, as green is often associated with growth, renewal, prosperity and regeneration.

3) Implement An Altar

The space will really start to feel therapeutic if you set up a little altar with all of the altar essentials: a statue, some healing gemstones or an energy generator, a meditation bell or gong, and maybe a prayer wheel. Some scented candles, oils, or incense will help soothe you into your routine, awaken your spirit, or refresh your mind, depending on what fragrance you select that day.

4) Add A Natural Touch

Adding some plants will create a more natural atmosphere, as well as help clean the air. You’ll be doing a lot of deep breathing in this space, so clean, fresh oxygen is essential. A good mix of hanging pots and a large floor plant will really make the place feel fresh. If you’re into DIY, it’s super easy to repurpose an old ladder into a tiered shelf to fill with plants, which is the perfect addition to any at-home yoga sanctuary.

Try out this antique ladder shelving by Liz Fourez.

5) Soft Lighting

If you are seriously lacking natural light, consider using soft and energy-efficient LED ceiling bulbs and then covering the ceiling with large pieces of sheer cloth. This will create a cozy and calming environment.

6) Separate Your Sanctuary

You can always buy a room divider to separate the space, or use a colorful chakra curtain. You can also make your own! Simply screw eye hooks into the ceiling, thread some sturdy twine through them, and hang some stylish cloth. That way the space can remain private when needed, but the “curtains” can also be opened at any time.

7) Make It Personal

The last thing to remember is that this is your space: your sanctuary at home. As long as it reflects your personality and brings you peace and happiness, you’re on the right track. If you have any of your own ideas, or better yet, pictures of your at-home sanctuary, please share them in the comments!


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