The Unknown, Transformative, Healing-Power Of Love…

The Unknown, Transformative, Healing-Power Of Love

How to Create More Love in Your Life

When you let love in, you are living at the healthiest vibration possible. When you start opening up your heart to love, you will be filled with more love.

Love is extremely powerful and can cause breakthroughs and transformations in even the toughest situations or people. Some say that love is the very essence of all that exists.

It is pretty incredible how love can affect your health and state of being.

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All You Need is… LOVE!

Some people say it’s so easy to fall in love, and some people say they can’t find love for the life of them. Some people may feel that love stinks because it hurts so bad.

In fact, many will argue that love doesn’t even exist.

In some religious communities, love is God, and God is love. In a similar aspect, many spiritual paths practice the concept of everything is love, and love is everything.

“All you need is love, love. Love is all you need.”

— The Beatles

Really, What is Love Anyway?

There are so many variations of love. You can love your mother or father, but it is a different love that you feel for your daughter or son.

Whatever your view is of love, one common thing is that it is most likely based on your experience of life (or love itself).

If you can’t find love and seem to be looking in all the RIGHT places, maybe you are failing to find the love within yourself.

Do You Genuinely Love Yourself?

Self-love is the most important form of love we have, because if you don’t truly love yourself, how can you love someone else?

If this is one area you are not strong in, it would benefit you tremendously to look at what is coming up and blocking you from the experience of self-love. It could be something that happened in the past.

It could be an experience you had when someone told you something mean or made a derogatory comment that stuck with you for years, until now. Holding on to things like that can really make it difficult to nurture the love within yourself.

“All God’s people, spread the love, spread the love, all over the world.” — Kenny Chesney

Feel the Healing Energy of Love

The energy of love can heal illness and cure disease. It can create peace in times of war.

Getting in tune with the love in your body, mind, emotions, and soul can have a profound, lasting impact on your overall health.

Some of the ways you can open up to letting more love in your life are:

  • If you watch the news, STOP. It is sensationalized propaganda meant to program your mind with lies and keep you living in fear.
  • See the good in yourself, regardless of your imperfections and circumstances.
  • See the good in everyone else, regardless of their actions.
  • Do the right thing, even when no one is looking.
  • Practice acceptance and tolerance of people, regardless of their beliefs or disbeliefs.
  • Get in tune with the energy of your heart as often as possible.
  • Get in tune with the world of people that are in your life.
  • Seek peaceful solutions through effective communication.
  • Question your beliefs. Do not just blindly accept what is handed to you through tradition as the truth.

Love is the foundation for transformation. Without love, it is really difficult or even impossible to live a life of balance. Just like your body, love has a consciousness and an intelligence.

It knows what areas in your life are imbalanced and in need of healing.

How often do you feel an overwhelming amount of love? When was the last time you got really present to the love in your life?

What are some ways you can increase the love that surrounds you?

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