6 Essential Items You Need To Create A Beautiful Meditation Space…

6 Essential Items You Need To Create A Beautiful Meditation Space

Creating a Meditation Space

It may take awhile to get all these pieces, but I’ve found each of them to be a wonderful tool on my meditation journey.

Some will be more important than others for your individual path, so think about what works for you!


1) Natural Light

Harsh, unnatural lighting can often be a distraction when you’re trying to focus inwardly.

Dimming the lights in a room, or simply turning them off altogether and lighting a candle, can help you tap into the natural energy within.

Not to mention that something like a Himalayan Salt Candle also emits negative ions, which has a powerful effect in a space. (Read more about that here).

2) Mala

Malas help when you’re trying to count repetitions of mantras during meditation.

I love this one because it’s High-Energy Turquoise, which carries natural healing vibrations.

3) Singing Bowl

For centuries, singing bowls have been used to promote relaxation and invoke a calm mind when meditating.

Om Mani Padme Hum is also engraved on the outside of this one, making it all the more sacred.

4) Incense

Incense has been scientifically proven to calm the mind with its beautiful smell.

I love the Spiritual 7 Chakras Incense because of its light smell.

It’s not too overpowering when meditating.

5) Meditation Books

This book is fantastic. It’s helped many of my friends in the beginning of their meditation journey, because it outlines a simple plan with systematic tools to help you go deeper.

Passage Meditation is a must for beginners, and will help you work through any challenges.

6) Statues

I have found that meaningful statues can add a lot to the atmosphere of an intentional meditation space, especially if they’re deeply symbolic.

This Shiva statue is quite possibly my favorite.

This is his dance of creation; while he steps on the demon of ignorance and holds up the tongue of flame, which reminds everyone that creation will eventually fade away. Beautiful!

A Dedicated Space is Everything!

10 years ago, I started meditating by myself in Georgia.

It wasn’t easy, but I somehow managed to work at it, creating a regular schedule and meditating in my bed. But as soon as I had started, I realized there was something missing.

But I didn’t quite know what that was or why I was feeling weird about it.

As I began to dive deeper and learn more about my newly acquired practice, I came upon gurus and books that spoke about the importance of designating a particular meditation spot, and it suddenly clicked as to why something was off.

After creating a dedicated space, my meditations became far deeper, and my life began to take on a new meaning. My inner life created a new, far better, outer life.

So how exactly did creating a space do all that, and why was it necessary?

Several reasons.

The Importance of Having a Meditation Space

1) Mindset

First and foremost, having a meditation space promotes a psychological response.

When you have a designated spot to meditate, your mind naturally shifts gears every time you enter.

This is true of everything.

For instance, when you enter your place of work, your thought process changes. You’re in a different mode.

Understanding this is huge because meditation isn’t easy and every advantage to calm the mind should be taken.

2) Spiritual Energy

While understanding the psychological effect of a dedicated space is important, it’s not everything. It’s also about building a certain energy.

In Hinduism, they say that the entire universe is ‘vibrating’ at certain rates.

While Spirit is still and vibrationless, like a calm lake, creation is full of motion and vibration.

So with that understanding, everything we do creates vibrations- especially if we’re focused.

The repeated practice of something in a space leaves a particular ‘feeling’ that is conducive to that activity.

For instance, being in a library has a vibration of studying; a bed, sleeping; a church, praying. And so on.

With repeated use, a meditation space can become a place of refuge and help you tap into the innermost core of your being.

It supports you in a powerful way by leaving a ‘spiritual groove’ you can sink into again and again.

Create Your own and See the Results

Hopefully, this gives you an idea of why a dedicated meditation space is important and why you need it.

It can be really easy to setup, but wow is it powerful!

I hope you’ll take this opportunity to work on yours and see for yourself how transforming it can be.


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