Covid19 Updated Coronavirus Vaccine Horoscope Astrological Forecast…

Covid19 Updated Coronavirus Vaccine Horoscope Astrological Forecast

  • Remember: We’ve been here before, and we’ll be here again.
  • Next steps: Open your 💚to reopen the 🌍.
  • Social Distancing: When we cut ourselves off from others, we disconnect from the light of the universe.

I cast the current coronavirus astrological charts to see what’s going on and to check if this madness will ever end.

The astrological technology I teach and practice is from a healing and wellness context and is interpreted to help you transcend, not be ruled by, the stars. As a researcher, healer, mystic, and naturopath, I am able to delineate how the planetary movements indicate energy waves swelling the earth. The way astrology works is via the electromagnetic frequencies the planets radiate, which are then received by our vortex system (aka the chakras) along our body. No different than a radio, whatever we tune into is what we will play.

I was able to tune into the transits of the coronavirus and delineate all the upcoming major occurrences. You know me, I rarely see astrology as bad but let me tell you, turning this situation around went from not easy to hard!! As I said in my original covid19 horoscope article, which was covered by major media outlets across the world: it’s all up to us, and we need to invoke the power of mind over matter because matter over mind is what’s taking free will off our hands!

I look at hundreds of astrological charts on a regular basis and I can safely say there is no such thing as bad astrology unless we deem it so and ignore the signs. The original chart of the coronavirus is unstable, and my public forecasts have proven to be true: reopenings occurred at the exact times that I forecasted, but now it is clear that the chart’s instability is spreading and who would have thought that possible?

Our world has changed and it will remain changed in ways we won’t know for a long time. Our children and future generations will grow up with social distancing as the norm, and we will all be vaccinated and using 5G. I don’t want to put an emphasis on the material changes, but I have to write them out to make reference to the scheduling.

The effects of COVID19 will be as permanent to our lifestyle as 9/11 was to air travel.

What started off as a health crisis has proved to become a political agenda. When we think about politics, we see clearly that politicians are people in positions of authority to govern masses of people by making policies and regulations. Spirituality speaking, politics, and politicians become more dominating, the weaker we are.

Obviously, we need governments to regulate and administer funds to upkeep our localities, however, the power can be tempting to misuse – but only if the people allow it. Every time we surrender our free will, we make available our power to others. There are many planets in the second house of politics and media control. The black moon is in alignment with Chiron, the wounded healer, who are neighboring the part of fortune joined by Uranus. We are asked to see the beauty through the darkness and expect the unexpected.

On the subject of compulsory vaccinations: Neptune, the planet of immunity and vaccination is retrograde uprising themes of victimization and the surrender of choice. We may be forced to take these vaccines, but we can prepare for the consequences they will inject by increasing immunity and lessening the stress that they will cause.

The question arises, what will the vaccine ensure? Well, with Uranus in Taurus and Neptune in Pisces, it’s clear that the vaccine will affect our DNA and RNA, basically making it easier for us to be controlled. One issue with 5G is that when we have heavy metal toxicity, we are more susceptible to EMFs because metal is a strong conductor of electromagnetic energy. And we know that vaccines contain thimerosal (mercury). But before you get upset reading this, know that the inability to exercise free will is what rendered this reality in the first place. Whenever we have given up our ability to use free will, meaning we are not responsive to reality, we offer our free will up to others to choose for us.

The changes we are seeing now have been put into motion for many years before 2020. In fact, the technology we have now is old technology to those who created it and the technology that is available today is nothing compared to what’s on the market.

Either way….

This world has been created and destroyed many times – this has all happened before and it will all happen again. 9/11 was arguably the most recent worldwide shift and before that was World War II. However, I have told Aurelia many times over the past 15 years I could feel something brewing. I have foreseen things in my nightly astral travels and could consistently sense and feel the plans brewing, while we had relative peace. COVID19, with emphasis on 19, as in 2019, is the confrontation of our comfortably numb society with a crisis that could be a dearly needed wake-up call. We are being faced with things we have taken for granted because we have taken them for granted: specifically our free will and the severe misunderstanding of it.

COVID19 has become more of a protocol than a virus. The protocol might be over after the 2020 Presidential Election, a day after Mercury goes direct in Libra bringing balance and justice, or it might stay until Saturn goes direct and leaves Capricorn, where this all started in the first place. Maybe after the vaccination schedule has been set by the CDC or the like. One thing is for sure, it’s up to us how much power we give to the political forces and the hidden agendas at play. Remember, the seed level for the month of December 2020, hosted the Saturn/Pluto alignment in Capricorn – this could prove very difficult if we are not dropping our obsession with the material by then.

Drop the addiction and grab onto your personal power!

When we are unable to think for ourselves and uphold a certain level of self-responsibility, i.e. when we blame, we hand our power over to anyone who wants to grab it.

We caused this pandemic and we are the ones who can end it. We create our reality: the good, the bad, and the unexpected. We cannot claim to manifest one thing we want in our reality and then disown the wretched.

As I wrote in my 2020 Vision Forecast, the 2020s will marshal the power of vision, which represents the power of mind, logic, and reason. We are asked to employ inductive reasoning, which allows us to see the details and the truth behind them. We need to become our own authority, by taking responsibility for our own actions. What’s going on now, with the obsession with the 19 part of COVID is a distraction from what should be planting in this seed level of the 2020 decade.

I moved back home to LA in 2020 only to be spit back out with borders closing and warnings issued. We all need to be flexible as COVID19 is a reality, and we need to adhere to the conditions of this reality until we have shifted it. Unfortunately, that shift will only look like a choice each of us makes as realities are splitting as they continuously do and it is up to us which reality we will enter and which authorities will have power over us. I can foresee that there may be a community of people who get vaccinated and those who do not, which will raise its own issues. I for one just want to be with my loved one vaccinated or not, because I have a game plan that isn’t obsessed with the media, mainstream or rebellious.

Here’s why I am not obsessed with the media, because it cancels mind over matter.

As stated, the real danger is still Uranus in Taurus, it’s like dynamite in a baby’s crib, it could go off at any moment and shake things up and break things off. Taurus rules over the media and education, and Uranus is technology, here we see the transit playing out this way. I am optimistic and see forward motion for those who want it and further entrapment for those who blame (a reference to the splitting of reality).

In November, Jupiter will align with Pluto either exaggerating our judgment of the 2020 Election results and the state of the world or give us the power to open our hearts to re-open the world. Another eclipse season will begin shortly after that as we prepare for Saturn to return into Aquarius. Jupiter will follow suit into Aquarius and join Saturn for the “Liberation Conjunction” at 0° – this will give us a surge of energy to create a new world, which will probably be based on necessity. But please let me be wrong. On the same day, the winter solstice will commence putting us onto another spiral up or down this COVID19 rollercoaster.

Meanwhile, it’s so important to focus on your immune system! It’s now time to prepare for the vaccination as much as possible. I have specific vitamins which I have ordered in mass quantities for my clients to help heal and support RNA. These have been developed by one of my mentor’s mentors, who is the father of kinesiology. Aurelia and I are also in the process of preparing a vaccination kit that helps each of your vortexes/chakras to tune into the right channel for you and not what the vaccine side effects will tune you into.

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