COVID-19 And Sunspot Cycles…

COVID-19 And Sunspot Cycles

During Dec 2019, the Novel coronavirus outbreak in the Wuhan province of China and this has now become the threatening pandemic disease of the 21st century. WHO states that more than 198 countries in the world have this virus spread.

The striking correlation between Sunspot extrema and pandemics

The Sun is a vital source of energy for all living beings on Earth. The Sun has a regular pattern of change called a Sunspot cycle. A single sunspot cycle lasts for 11 years and during this period the number of sunspots goes from high to low and then from low to high. The solar maxima are the period when the Sun has maximum sunspots and the solar minima is the period when the Sun has minimum sunspots. This maxima and minima period is called sunspot extrema.

Dr. B.V. Raman in his book planetary influence on human life notes that there will be pandemic outburst during these sunspot extrema period

There are many recent studies that show that the pandemic and sunspot cycle has a close relationship.

A study from Buckingham Centre for Astrobiology reveals that pandemics are possible within ±2 years of sunspot extrema (maxima and minima). They have found that during these periods weakening of the interplanetary magnetic field near the Earth, which allows for the entry of Galactic Cosmic Rays (GCRs) as well as electrically charged bacteria and viruses to the Earth.

Source: Sunspot cycle minima and pandemics published on Journal of Astrobiology and outreach Wickramasinghe et al.,

Does all Sunspot extrema cause a pandemic outbreak?

Not all sunspot extrema create a pandemic outbreak, there should few other trigger points for this to happen. Below is the table of past pandemics based on my research. For clear image click here

Pandemic history

You can easily see from the above data that all pandemic outbreak happened during sunspot maxima or minima. The solar eclipse during those years with too many planetary conjunctions is the trigger point to create the worst pandemic outbreaks. With this data, the next sunspot maxima occur between 2023 to 2026 and during the eclipse in 2024, there is a conjunction between Mars and Saturn. This indicates that there is a chance for another pandemic outbreak in 2024, but more than that Mars and Saturn conjunction indicate loss of lives due to major accidents and natural calamities.

Why the COVID-19 outbreak is so severe? An astrological perspective

Below is the planetary position on Dec 26th, 2019 when there is an annular solar eclipse. It should be noted that this eclipse occurred in the sign Sagittarius with planetary conjunction of Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, Sun, Moon and Ketu aspection from Rahu.

What is so special about the sign Sagittarius? The sign Sagittarius is the galactic center of the milky way. So this planetary conjunction and eclipse in the sign Sagittarius is not a favorable combination for the entire world.

Let us see what Varahamihira says about the eclipse in the sign of Sagittarius in his Birhat Samhita(The sourcebook of Mundane astrology),

Varahamihira in Sloka 41 notes that “If Sun or Moon be eclipsed while in Dhanus, the chief minister of the country, the horses, the people of videha, the panchala people, physicians, traders, people who are rough and hard, men who know the use of arms, all these will suffer”.

Source: Brihat Samhita by Varahamihira

This clearly shows the suffering of the prime ministers, doctors and police officials of all countries due to the corona outbreak.

There is another important point for this outbreak. Between July 2019 to September 2019 there was only one Sunspot with negligible size. This the deepest sunspot minimum for a century.

Let us see what Varahamihira says about the sunspot,

Varahamihira in Sloka 9 notes that “If there should be one single object in the sun’s disc, it denotes the advent of famine”
Source: Brihat Samhita by Varahamihira

This clearly indicates the scarcity of hospital beds and doctors all over the world due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

When this will end?

It is interesting to note that the USA has got worst-hit in the last two days when the moon was in Gemini(Gemini sign indicates the USA as per classical Vedic text). This outbreak is triggered due to solar eclipse in Dec 2019 with so many planetary conjunctions, especially Jupiter conjunction with Ketu in the sign Sagittarius. So until Ketu moves to Scorpio, the pandemic spread would continue. After September 2020, when Ketu moves to Scorpio the pandemic spread will be under control.

Coming to economic stability, the upcoming Jupiter transit to Capricorn is not promising. The Jupiter transit in Dec 2021 to the sign Aquarius is good, so the economy will pick up only after Dec 2021.


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