Tai Chi for Healthy Living (Health Benefits)


Tai Chi for Healthy Living (Health Benefits) Continue

1h 25m

Have you ever wondered how Tai Chi can help you live a healthier life? This program will give you the opportunity to experience what Tai Chi practitioners the world over have discovered. We make it simple, informative and easy to learn with our online training program.

Your instructor for this course is World Champion and United International Kung Fu Hall of Fame inductee Sifu Romain has been studying and training in Chinese Martial Arts for 43years. He is the owner and master instructor of the Edgewater Kung Fu Academy in Edgewater, NJ, and founder of the online training program, Tai Chi for Healthy Living.

His television appearances include Oprah, Dr. Oz, NBC 1st Look, The Discovery Health Channel, ESPN, Good Day New York, MSG Networks, ABC-TV News, CBS News, NBC News, and Fox National News. Sifu Romain has authored several books “Legendary Longfist” and “The Self-Confidence Factor: A Parent’s Guide to Bully Prevention” and his Amazon bestseller “Unbreakable”. He has co-authored two books with Dr. G. Steve Kinnard, “The Cross and The Warrior” and “The Shaolin Athlete”. He has also contributed to Dr. Oz’s book and video “You Staying Young”.

This course is comprised of several parts. Part 1 is a video that contains all of the movements found in the Yang style tai chi form preformed moving from side to side with a full explanation of the health benefits of each movement. Part 2 Is the complete Yang Style short form broken down into 12 video sections.