Welcome and Introduction to the Course


Welcome and Introduction to the Course Continue

1h 40m

Common spices are some of the healthiest foods on the planet. Most of you have a spice rack filled with seasonings you use every day for cooking, but what do you know about their medicinal properties? Traditional Chinese Medicine and Indian Ayurvedic systems have recognized the healing and culinary benefits of spices for thousands of years. Spices help us digest food, detoxify our bodies, and keep our hearts and minds active. Join me on this magical course to teach you all about the medicinal properties of spices from both the eastern and western traditional medicine perspectives. This course is not about listing each spice’s health benefits; this course is about learning how to cook with these beautiful spices and how to use them properly for medicinal purposes while experiencing an unforgettable culinary and sensory adventure along the way! Even if cooking with spices is new to you, I promise you will feel like an old pro by the end of this course.