Foundation Energy: 1st Chakra Yoga | Base Chakra Yoga

Foundation Energy: 1st Chakra Yoga | Base Chakra Yoga Continue

2h 55m

Hello and a very warm welcome to the Evenstar Wellbeing™ Chakra Yoga for Beginners course!

The course consists of a series of 7 videos that each consist of a short and simple yoga practise focussed on 1 of the 7 major chakras that we all have.

I like to think of the chakras not as simply physical places in the body (although that is one aspect of them) but as 7 types of energy.  The word ‘chakra’, which means ‘wheel’ in sanskrit comes from the Indian tradition, and in fact most systems of traditional healing recognise a number of ‘energy centres’ and in some traditions also ‘energy lines’ or meridians. As well as 7 main chakras, there are dozens of minor chakras throughout your being.

The most simple principal is that of physics – everything is energy and no matter what you call it – chi, prana, ki (from reiki) or nwyfre – I believe it is all the same thing. Different types of energy vibrate at different frequencies, and this is true for your chakras. Energy cannot be created or destroyed, only changed into another form.

Even things that we think of as being solid physical items are made up of tiny particles of moving energy – a very difficult concept to grasp! So energy exists in the physical realm, as well as the mental, the emotional and the spiritual. Each of the 7 different types of energy, or chakras, relate to different aspects of human existence, and therefore health & wellbeing, within each of these realms. As energy this is constantly changing and is all interconnected, each of the 7 are all connected to each other, some more closely than others.

The 7 parts of this course are certainly sequential, as we start with the 1st Chakra and move through to the 7th Chakra.  However, you do not need to complete it in this sequence if that does not meet your requirements. If you know that you need to do some work on a particular area in order to balance and/or stimulate this energy then feel free to do just that. Jump straight to Lesson 3 if you’re feeling really low in self esteem for sure!  You can repeat each lesson as many times as you want.  The practises are designed as daily practises of 20-30 minutes duration – so they are something that you could definitely do every day, repeating the same practise for a number of days if that is what you need to do.

The level of this course is basic/ beginner.  The course consists of very gentle and easy yoga practises with detailed explanations and demonstrations from the instructor.