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Welcome to your 7 Day Yoga Kickstart Challenge!

This challenge is beginner focused, but appropriate for all levels to build up a routine daily yoga practice. Which in turn, leads to a happier and healthier you! Be prepared to gain strength, flexibility, and some mindfulness tips for mental clarity and space along the way.

Anyone and everyone is welcome to join. No yoga props are needed, you don’t even need a yoga mat to get started! Just wear something comfy you can move in.

Remember that if you miss a day, it’s okay. Just get back on the horse when you are ready! Ofcourse, always personalize your practice and schedule as best suits you. Along with this, make sure to also modify to what works best for your body as well. Feel free to skip any poses if needed, or take breaks along the way. This is YOUR home yoga practice my friend.

Here is the line up of classes to come.

▶︎ Day 1: Full Body Yoga (25 min)
▶︎ Day 2: Strength and Flexibility (28 min)
▶︎ Day 3: Yoga for a Healthy Back (16 min)
▶︎ Day 4: Yoga Workout (20 min)
▶︎ Day 5: Relax and Restore (22 min)
▶︎ Day 6: Sun Salutation Flow (16 min)
▶︎ Day 7: Play with Balance (30 min)

PLUS, if you’d like to take this challenge even a step further. I attached a link for a FREE 28 Day Yoga Kickstart Calendar. That’s 4 full weeks of free yoga all laid out for you! This is a clickable PDF calendar, with an accompanying 28 Day Yoga Kickstart playlist.


See you on the mat!