Morning Chakra Yoga for Energy - Day 1

Morning Chakra Yoga for Energy - Day 1 Continue

4h 35m

Join me for this Chakra Challenge, exploring the lower 4 chakras and their elements.  Let’s use the Chakra system to powerfully shift our energy and open our hearts to our best selves. Hack how you feel each day by integrating this ancient science into your daily routine for 14 mornings in a row! 

🔥🔥Kick-start your energy and ignite your goals with our FIRE classes.🔥🔥⠀

🌊🌊Gain insight and inspiration by immersing yourself in the WATER element.🌊🌊⠀

🌱🌱De-stress and combat anxiety by rooting into Mother EARTH.🌱🌱 ⠀

🌬️🌬️Breathe deep and expand your capacity for love in our AIR classes, designed to help you slow down and connect with your deepest intentions. 🌬️🌬️

Each class is just 20 minutes. YOU GOT THIS 💯⠀