Here’s What Copper Jewelry Is Telling You When Your Skin Turns Green…

Here’s What Copper Jewelry Is Telling You When Your Skin Turns Green

Copper could easily be considered one of the world’s most popular metals. An essential mineral since ancient times, one of the major “ages” of humanity is named after a copper alloy- namely, bronze. Copper and its many alloys have played an essential role in many civilizations: from the Egyptians to the Romans, Greeks, and even all the modern day cultures use copper in a nearly limitless capacity. Without a doubt, utilizing copper is one of the most important technologies ever developed by humanity!

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From the big to the little

Copper was highly prized for its use in creating weapons and tools, but over time it also began to be used for something unexpected. Royalty is always interested in the rarest and hardest-to-find materials, so it makes sense that they’d be interested in pure copper’s unique properties.

This eventually developed into a love for copper plates, cups, furnishings, and jewelry.

As this obsession with jewelry and unique metals deepened, it eventually became widely known that copper had some uncommon healing abilities.

The healing benefits of wearing copper

Wearing copper has several important benefits: First, copper is an essential mineral for humans, and wearing copper jewelry has the benefit of slow copper absorption- perfect for proper assimilation. It’s also been claimed that headaches, arthritis, joint pain, and other deficiencies can be effectively treated with the aid of copper or brass jewelry.

Of course, there is some conflict with these claims, but I have experienced joint relief myself from using copper jewelry. It really worked for me, and lots of other people.

Why does copper turn your skin green?

So if copper is considered healing and has been used for so long in human history, why is it that people have learned to live with green skin? After all, wearing something like a copper bracelet or anything else that’s in close contact with the skin sometimes produces a greenish hue- which is kinda strange, right?

Actually, it’s totally normal.

Copper reacts naturally with our salty skin, which can be created whenever we sweat. This just means you have to be aware of when you might be working out or in the sun. But copper can also react to acidic environments- and your body acidity is related to your diet. Junk food, processed food, and lots of red meat will make your body acidic.

The more acidic your diet and body, the more likely you are to get sick. 

This can make copper jewelry a terrific way to gauge whether or not you need to change your diet or if you’re just on the cusp of coming down with something. It can be very useful!

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