Connecting With Nature’s Wisdom Through Trees…

Connecting With Nature’s Wisdom Through Trees

 A systemic, symbiotic collaboration

by Fiona Almeleh

Trees are one of this world’s greatest joys and blessings. They soar to the heavens, stabilize the soil through their vast root systems, are the largest oxygen producing plants on the planet and blanket mountains, creating cloud forest reserves with wide varieties of biodiversity. Trees provide habitat and food and have stood as sentinels to our changing history for millennia. They inspire with their unique beauty and spellbinding majesty. They define areas by weaving their ancient branches and roots between moss and lichen-covered rocks. Trees evoke stillness and a profound sense of presence and place. They evoke gratitude and humility and when in blossom can fragrance the air for miles. There are those trees whose antiquity sobers the least reverent whilst imparting intoxicating soul teachings. Trees are a symbol of Life.

The wisdom and example given by trees invite words of profound love and respect at the same time reminding us of our beautiful home planet and its fragile ecosystem. They teach us to connect deeply and meaningfully. Through their example, we see intricate root systems that not only secure the tree body above ground but form an extensive communication network, imparting and receiving information. One tree may be seen to be standing alone but beneath the surface, it is connected to a collaborative system that supports natures further growth. This example and knowledge remind us that we are all connected, and through every experience, are sharing understanding and insight on the same ground, whilst learning the truth, that love is at the core of everything.

All of life has its seasons and each story is a brief interlude, an instant, that the years simply dissolve into memories, reminding us to be present in the moment, exactly where we are. Collectively our hearts know that this is a vital juncture in our evolution, where we can choose to either continue selfishly filling our baskets to overflowing, whilst taking little or no responsibility for the subsequent damage and depletion of the Earth’s resources, or we can Wake Up and restore the balance we have caused. We are at present taking Masterclasses in Moderation, Compassion, Empathy, and Reciprocity.

It’s an exciting and challenging time to be alive, and built into ordinary days is the possibility to surrender to the flow of the great cycle that’s taking us into a new epoch. This inherent movement is presenting opportunities for growth, refinement, enhancement, and improvement. We too have cyclical and seasonal growth periods and it’s these very seasons that form the natural unending cycle of life, their interaction creating unity and cohesion on all the different levels of existence.  It would appear that it is more and more important that we spend quality time in nature where we may be reminded, recharged and reconnected with her wisdom.  In this process, we may feel ourselves letting go of learned responses to our growing artificial environment and begin to immerse ourselves in a more intuitive relationship with the Earth whereby we again embrace change as a radical, involving preparedness to evolve for the greater good. Trees represent an embodiment of this wisdom and are an intrinsic part of human history. They remind us of our place in life’s broader, biotic community and of the resilience needed to adapt and adjust to our changing world.

Like many others, as a child, I could be found quietly hidden high up in the embrace of tree branches, or sitting against welcoming tree trunks, tucked between their exposed, armchair roots. I have communed, wept, sung, whispered, hugged and danced around trees. They have been some of my greatest teachers, healers, and profound wisdom keepers. I am constantly inspired, elevated and delighted by trees. Each having its own unique aura and communicating in magical ways. I have exchanged greeting and been in conversation with tree guardians, – also known as Tree Spirits or Dryads who, for the most part, are wise elementals holding a vital role in the living world by watching over and caring for trees.

A trees quiet wisdom permeates inner and outer environments. They teach us to reach down deep and to open our arms and hearts in welcome of the light. Their still presence communicates total acceptance in the moment. Trees teach us about dignity and grace in the final letting go and remind us that everything returns to the Earth as an offering of nutrients for new generations.

Trees are also a wonderful example of the fractal patterning in life, where there is an inherent, repeating interplay of a structure with precise mathematical coding. Although from a distance intertwined branches may give the appearance of randomness or chaotic placement, on closer investigation, these patterns are similarly found in the twigs and even leaf growth. Everything the tree does is an elegant dance for optimal light. When we are able to relate this to ourselves it becomes clear that we too, with natural variability, can develop by maximizing the amount of light and source information we receive.

When we have learned how to listen to trees, then the brevity and the quickness and the childlike hastiness of our thoughts achieve an incomparable joy – Herman Hesse

The seasons are representative of life’s cycles, and these are clearly and beautifully shown by many trees. There is to be found in nature a new beginning, a time of awakening and quickening, where everything is enlivened with new energy for growth. The sun’s warmth can be felt, buds appear on bare tree branches, delicate shoots and blossoms emerge from the cold earth and creatures instinctively clean out and refresh their winter homes. This revival of purposeful and instinctive activity is in preparation for a time of productivity. Changes that take place at a cosmic level, effect changes on the Earth, so when there is an influx of energy, we have the opportunity to initiate new growth through ideas and action.

As spring moves into summer the warmth helps to accelerate growth and ripening, bringing a greater sense of freedom and expansion. Nature’s colours are more vibrant, new shoots more resilient and the scents more potent. In nature, if there are not the correct amount of nutrients and water the fruit which has begun to grow will wither and die and the cycle will be incomplete. The same is true for us, and by accessing the root cause of our discontent we can achieve a greater flow of vital energy.

When the winds cool in late summer and autumn, trees surrender their fruits for harvesting and its during this time nature puts on a breathtaking show of colours. The fast-changing landscape reminds us that having provided a harvest it is time to rest, reflect, review and let go. Nature does not hold on.

As the season changes to winter, everything slows down in the growth cycle. This is a time of great equality, rest and conservation of energy representing an opportunity for consolidation. These cycles can be likened to breathing – between each in-breath and out-breath, there is a pause.

Thank you trees for showing the way.

May our hearts be always filled with wonder!

Simple ways to be with Trees –

Spend quiet time in nature

Show respect to all life forms

Expand your awareness

Bring an open heart

Welcome the spirit of trees

Follow your instinctual nature

Be aware you are in the presence of another sentient being

Be open for communication

Be authentic

Be spontaneous

Share your joy and playfulness

Express gratitude and appreciation

Ask what you can do 

Bless the tree

Leave a small token if this feels right


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