Connect To Your Full Potential And Flow…

Connect To Your Full Potential And Flow

Often we know we are on the right path, but for some reason we can’t feel it. Down in our core we don’t feel the strength, wisdom or courage that we know we have in order to make a necessary step forward. So what is holding us back? What is that limiting belief or engrained pattern that has served us for a long time but now prevents us from moving forward? What do we hold dear, yet doesn’t allow us to step into our full potential wild & free?

Horses – as highly intuitive & compassionate sentient beings – are ready to show us the path to our authentic truth. What (inner & outer) movements and acknowledgements need to be made in order to let go of old ties and open into something new? My latest client had a similar situation and this is what my mare Remaz said.

My client was up for a big change in her life: she would get married and would move to a new country with a culture pretty much opposite to where she had settled so well. She was used to having a clear purpose and finding her way to manifest it. She felt comfortable and confident with where she was, ready for her new phase of commitment in love, curious to the new opportunities, people and experiences she would attract in her new home country. Yet there was something missing, conviction or call it a sense of power or life force.

I decided to divide the paddock in 2 parts: one representing her current world and one representing her new world, just a line in the sand of the paddock was the border and two small lines indicated the portal from where to move from one world into the next. Not knowing what to expect she stepped into the large paddock with my 4 horses Gamar, Nour, Remaz and Zahir. I asked her to connect to the feelings that her current world give her and then observe what movement would come from the herd.

Soon enough Remaz came to her, stepped in front and with her head nudged her to foal position, right at her shoulder. I asked her to take that position and look to the back of the horse and observe her inner world…what do you feel? What image or thought comes up? While I watched Remaz who was standing quiet and very still, head slightly lowered…she was comfortable. My client indicated she felt a strong grounding energy, it felt surprisingly good. Remaz had pulled her in her energy field and now the client could resonate with the energy of being present in the moment. Where words are not enough to describe what you are feeling. Just the breath and your awareness can encompass the goodness of that pure energy. 

When Remaz indicated a movement I asked my client to turn around, feel into it and let me know what she was sensing: she indicated a surge of energy wanting to move forward. When she acknowledged Remaz released a big sigh and I invited her to move forward. Remaz followed and when my client turned around to face her, Remaz gave a lot of energy releasing signs….shaking, yawning, pushing her head…continuously. It seemed something needed to be integrated; I asked if she was better in giving or receiving. She immediately answered giving and tears welled up. I asked her to express the sentence: I am allowed. It touched her and she immediately incorporated as a new personal mantra.

We looked at her family system and as soon as we did Nour – my gelding – stepped in, they both now nudged my client, as if the family structure was now complete and she could step into her new world. We looked at where we were standing and burst into laughing…the horses already had moved us gently towards the portal of the field while we had been expressing. So I invited her to step through with her mantra clear in her heart and as soon as she did, she felt light. Ready to move forward, then Remaz stepped in at her shoulder to underline the new direction. We both felt the work was done.

Once we open and invite the wisdom of the horse (or nature) to guide us, it is right there. We just need to feel & trust its truth in our hearts and allow our bodies to receive it.

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