Do you have the (color) look of a high-frequency person?…

Do you have the (color) look of a high-frequency person?

When you raise your vibration, you live a healthier, happier, and more abundant life. You don’t let outside forces control your heart or mind, and you bounce back quicker after traumas and challenges. And according to a Temt Tchaas Egyptian proverb, “Those how come to understand the power of vibrations will hold the scepter of power in their hands.” People will start noticing the light that shines from your heart.

But what does a high-frequency person look like? In color language, you’d be described as follows:

Red: You are energetic and full of life. You know when you have done enough and can sit back and just allow your dreams and goals to manifest. You know the importance of taking breaks and don’t fret about the small things that will actually sort themselves out. You trust the process of life and patience becomes your friend. You know that everything happens at the right time. Your body is your temple, and you take loving care of it by doing exercise, eating healthy food and getting enough sleep. You listen to the signs and signals of your body. You are strong in the feet, legs, bones, spine, knees, neck and large intestine.

Orange: You are courageous, spontaneous and creative. You are aware of your habitual emotional reactions to stress and you release the emotions that don’t serve you and the ones that you don’t need. However, you also know which emotions to really feel and get them out of your system once and for all for your own health and wellbeing. You find creative solutions for challenges, and you are flexible: When things don’t work out exactly as you wished you know you will still reach your goal, but perhaps in a different manner. You know who and what are good for you and leave the people behind who drain your energy. You know how to nurture yourself and the importance of expressing yourself creatively in a way that sparks joy. You write, garden, cook, knit, or dance. You want to please your senses with food, beauty, sweet smells, pleasing sounds and loving touch.

Yellow: You are confident and fill your mind with positive thoughts. You don’t take yourself or life too seriously and stop worrying and start living. You don’t give your power to people or outside forces. You trust your gut and take action without fear. You don’t feel the need to manipulate or control people or situations. You know that whatever the outcome of your decision is you will be able to handle it with confidence. You laugh often and from the belly. You respect yourself and others. Your mind is clear, and you are curious and creative. Your skin is healthy, and your digestive system works well.

Green: You are compassionate and love all living creatures. You know the power of forgiving yourself and others and realise that importance of acceptance. If someone or something was supposed to be in your life they would have been with you. You know you don’t have to compare yourself to others and the green-eyed monster has no place in your space. You make room for new things by letting go of the old. You give and receive love (read abundance) freely. Balance is the name of the game. And heaven and earth are equally important to you. Your heart is healthy and you breathe deeply.

Blue: Your first relationship is with yourself. You know that how you talk to yourself makes all the difference. You don’t criticize or judge yourself. You listen to your inner voice and you listen to others. You are open to the opinions of others. You say what you think and feel. You tell people that you appreciate them and what they do. You compliment people when they look radiate. You take the time to wish people success in their ventures.

Indigo: You listen to and trust your intuition. You see and believe. You go within to seek answers. Instead of over-analyzing, you trust your inner voice. You can see beyond the illusion and limitations of everyday reality. You recognize your psychic powers and use them to get a glimpse of the natural laws and workings of the universe. You know how to pay attention and focus. You are aware that by meditating on light and color you can heal; meditation is your medicine. You know you can create your future through visualization.

Violet: You live a life of gratitude. You are aware that we are all connected. You have an open connection to source/your creator. You let go of sadness in your body and you surrender to all that is. You use your imagination to create beautiful art. You know that the past belongs in the past, that you don’t have to get anxious about the future, and that you only have now. You live in the moment, you are aware of your infinite potential, you have no fear or pain. You radiate love and warmth. You awaken the soul and raises the vibration of people in your presence. You wear violet because you know it raises your vibration.

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