Color Avenues

Simple ways to enhance well-being through color

We are, a multi-dimensional cohesion of energy fields, interdependent and interfacing, integrated into a miraculous, individual oneness reflecting the greater whole. Everything, from conscious thought to cellular process, is an electromagnetic oscillation, a degree of frequency vibration, a bio-manifestation of the one primal energy of light. David Bohm

Whether one is able to see color or not, it continually communicates vibrationally through all levels of our existence and can, therefore, be used as a wonderful facilitator in our healing and well-being.

Imagine there was a time when we had a highly developed awareness of the subtler levels of energy and were able to discern and see the colors around and permeating all living things, enabling us to understand how everything in life connected, interpenetrated and interacted with itself – a time when we felt we belonged and understood the language of color, using this knowledge with profound honouring and respect for all life. We knew that life was sacred and as a result, lived responsibly, ensuring that our thoughts and subsequent actions helped to maintain the natural balance and harmony where possible.

Changing belief patterns, historical interventions and a multitude of other factors have resulted in many becoming less sensitive and aware of subtler energies, with only a few retaining the ability to see in its fullness. This quality of vision goes beyond the physical sense of sight, but, having said this, we can re-learn who we are as ‘spiritual rainbow beings’ in order for these natural abilities to re-surface. Oftentimes life presents us with situations that completely change the way we view things and these instances may present as crises of one kind or another –  our experience of the world is no longer the same and this, in turn, can catalyze a profound shift in our awareness and consciousness. These changes can be seen as opportunities or initiations that offer to lead us to a deeper relationship with the source or essence of who we are.

Energy can be described in terms of specific fields and we ourselves are composed of these overlapping fields of both higher and lower frequencies. These frequencies, by their very nature, have the potential to convey information, as well as being a system of filtration, discernment, and perception. In life everything is composed of energy and is in relationship to everything else; there is a constant flow of communication, and we, like the energy with which we are engaging, are always sending and receiving information at both the conscious and subliminal levels. Here every thought impulse has a frequency and that frequency may be seen as a color. It’s important to remember that everyone has a unique color signature and story and each of us is constantly communicating this.

From a Hindu perspective, our energy system may be likened to a vertical column that has three main channels of energy which come together at specific junctures. These channels or streams are known as Ida, Pingala, and Shushumna. It is at the point where they intersect that the ‘chakras ‘ or ‘energy wheels’ are located. These are the ‘very core’ of the aura and in order to ensure that the energies flow in harmony, each chakra needs to be fully open and in balance. They are each identified by color and these colors in turn act as the keys to our healing. By introducing the appropriate color, the weakened wavelength of energy is reinforced and balance re-established.

A simple way to describe this is that the higher, subtler cosmic energies are taken in by the chakras, where they are transmuted into a more utilizable form within the physical body. In other words, the chakras act as transformers and the cosmic energy is stepped down to a lower level. When this takes place, it is then translated into hormonal, physiological and eventually cellular changes throughout the body. This cosmic energy may be referred to as the Breath of Life or Prana

Included below is a very brief and simple overview of the particular color qualities and is by no means intended as a comprehensive description of all the different subtleties of the hues and tones or as a guide in terms of the polarization of positive or negative qualities.


Red relates to the first or Base chakra and can be associated with feelings of connection to the Earth, as well as the inner strength that comes from feeling part of and secure in the physical world.


I’m including pink as I feel it is an important aspect of the red ray – pink is the Ray of Love. It is about surrendering to unconditional love which allows us to be receptive and responsive. Pink is a maternal color and evokes a sense of nurturing and protection.

It is also within the aspects of this color that we can work with forgiveness. Unlike the strong passion of red, pink is softer, kinder, more sensitive, understanding and affectionate.


We associate this color with the second or Sacral Chakra. Whereas red is primarily about the energy for survival and the individual, orange relates to the energy of two and is about intimate or close relationships. It is focused more on our voluntary responses to others and very much about the expression of emotion. Here we have the combination of yellow and red and the inherent qualities of these colors plays a part in the way orange expresses itself.


Like red and orange, yellow belongs to the magnetic aspect of the spectrum and draws towards itself. It is associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra, which at both a physical and subtle level, deals with the way in which we digest life. Here there is a focus on the inter-relationship we have in a group context and our discernment when it comes to survival intuition. In other words, it is the way we orientate ourselves in social circumstances. Yellow is a creative color and relates to the mind.


The color green falls in the middle of the rainbow spectrum and as such contains both the magnetic and electric aspects; yellow and blue. It is associated with the heart chakra and when in balance it reflects repose, healing and nature consciousness.

Green gives the possibility of opening the heart to receiving and giving love. It is relaxing and invites a letting go and in the process, peace and balance are experienced.


Esoterically blue is associated with the throat chakra and it would be accurate to say that at a physical and auric level this color is very significant for us. When in balance we feel at peace and inspired; we feel that we can trust life and we act with integrity and purpose. Blue is, therefore, a great healer and provides direction.

Blue is a transcendent color bridging the seen and unseen worlds. It is connected to both clairvoyance and clairaudience and is a color that helps to free us from material bondage so that we are able to connect more with our spiritual natures. This peaceful color allows us to move more freely into the sacred space within.


The color indigo contains both blue and violet and as such also acts as a bridge. It is associated with the Third Eye Chakra and the Pituitary gland that enables the soul to perceive and recognize its chosen path and the way ahead. This is the darkest of the color combinations being made of dark blue and dark violet. It invites one into the depths and also across the spiritual bridge.


This is the last of the visible spectrum colors and is associated with the crown chakra and pineal gland. Violet is made up of magenta and blue and therefore signifies the joining of heaven and earth. Purest white light enters through this crown portal and in turn constantly flows in a vertical fashion to all the other energy centers. It is the closest connection we have to the light of our spirit that is not divided. Violet is directly connected to the source and is committed to the service of true spirit. It reveres life and is spiritually dedicated. It is the ‘I Am that I Am’ color and connects to the universal, spiritual network.

The beauty of our natural world continually imparts its gifts to us and one of the ways in which it does this is through color – invitingly, sublimely, magnificently, subtly and entrancingly; color not only informs but also imbues our lives with its enhancing qualities of the pure vibrational energies of light. This is an integral part of our human story because as a manifestation of stepped down cosmic energy reflecting the higher energies that constitute our auric fields or subtle bodies, these color rays of pure celestial light influence every aspect of who we are. For this reason, when we consciously use colors for energy balancing there is the potential for a transformational and molecular change within our bodies.

There are many ways to introduce color; some of them require the assistance and guidance of a qualified color therapist and others are based on common sense and good intuition. Some practitioners are able to tell just by looking at a client the colors required to re-establish optimum health simply by tuning in at the auric level and seeing the disharmony or discoloring within the energy fields. Others work with different color vibrational modalities but it’s important to note that the capacity for tuning into the intelligence of color is something that is part of who we are and is available to anyone and can be developed through deep compassion, empathy and a growing awareness of energy fields. We all have the ability to intuit or sense what is needed, and the more we engage in this area the more we refine, remember and are able to tap into our inherent wisdom.

Color as Therapy

Breathing Color

Color is a uniquely wonderful and completely natural facilitator, and one of the most powerful ways to connect to it is to simply imagine breathing it in. This can take the form of meditation and is most beneficial when practiced early in the morning or just before going to bed. There are many techniques but the simplest is to just imagine breathing in different colors – visualizing these in the form of light infusing every cell of the body. It is beneficial to work with this intuitively by simply allowing a color to come to you in relation to a part of your body, in addition you can also breathe color by focusing on each color of the rainbow spectrum, directing the light to the corresponding energy centres i.e. red to the base chakra, orange to the sacral etc. This can be very uplifting and acts as a color tonic. It is also very powerful to use a mantra or affirmation attuned to each color. The best way is not to try too hard but to simply follow the breath and allow yourself to be filled with soft colored light – imagine breathing in a delicate, warm, colored mist that spreads easily through the body. If you encounter any blockages or have a sense of stagnant energy during this process, then just let the light filter through this area and imagine releasing any residue as you breathe out. Keep doing this till you feel clear.


The natural world with all its diversity, be it forests, mountainsides, coastlines, lakeside, rivers, deserts etc. continually offers herself as a panacea to many of the human-made environments, which at times reflect aspects that can be linear, cold, hard and inorganic. When you venture forth to the places that call, nature quietly does the rest. In these places, we become more available and attuned to our natural state and this awareness as well as the subtler resonances often invite and enable us to rest more fully and peacefully into ourselves. Often-times color in a natural environment feeds us at an auric level, and as if by some miracle, we feel refreshed and replenished. When you listen deeply to your inner wisdom, it will unfailingly lead you to nature’s vibrational color apothecary.

As we know green is the color of chlorophyll and captures the sun’s energy and stores it in the plant. Without green, the world we know would not exist. We obtain the energy we need for living from this solar energy, either by consuming the plants themselves or animals that eat the plants. Even the energy we obtain from fossil fuels like oil and coal is solar energy that has been trapped by plants millions of years ago. Chlorophyll acts to transform this light source into a utilizable form for all the inhabitants of our planet.

Paramhansa Yogananda writes in Autobiography of a Yogi –

Someday scientists will discover how man can live directly on solar energy.

Thought Transference

Another way of introducing color is by the process of thought transference which involves focusing your attention on a specific color which you then have the ability to transmit or channel to another being – a little like absent healing which uses the universal energy field. We all have the possibility of positively enhancing and impacting an environment, be it inner or outer because we share the energetic field with each other and are part of nature. It’s important to always act with integrity and r never to impose your will on another – always ask permission either directly or at a soul level.


Visualization is very much part of how the mind can be used to form or create images on one’s inner screen or the mind’s eye. In this process, the person who is doing the visualization is involved in actively creating an image that will be healing. Specific scenarios can be acted out in the imagination and symbolism can be imbued with color and introduced to different parts of the body. It is a way in which we can give energy to something that has the possibility of becoming a reality. The clearer the image the greater the possibility that it can be actualized.

When we visualize certain colors we, in turn, produce those specific frequencies which when focussed on problem areas can result in psychological, emotional, spiritual and physical changes. Even when we just meditate on different sources of color like paint pigments, crystals, flowers, food etc.; this has the potential to enhance their inherent properties and efficacy. In addition to this, lasers, crystal wands, glass filters and kaleidoscopes all focus light which can direct the subtle energy of color into the chakras or energy centers

Coloured Light

Some practitioners use colored lights that have been specifically modified. These are shone on different parts of the body with varying intensity depending on the problem that a client is experiencing. The degree of intensity and exposure time compensates for the deficiencies of the energy system.

As stated earlier it is always important to consider undergoing these forms of color therapy with a fully qualified practitioner.


Our best source of light is from the sun and in sensible doses, this is the most natural way of receiving the full-color range of the spectrum. As we know it is not always possible to expose ourselves on a regular basis as many people live in parts of the world where daylight is shorter in the winter months. Another factor is the difficulty of access some elderly and infirm people have to the outdoors. In these instances, light and color can be introduced via special lamps or by focussing the available light onto different parts of the body using reflectors. These can be angled to reflect the natural or filtered light.

Colored Salt Bags

Another way of introducing color is in the form of colored bags containing salt. These are exposed to sunlight or lamp light and can then be used by gently massaging the body with them. In a similar way, water may be solarized in colored glass. By exposing the water in the glass to sunlight it is imbued with the quality or frequency of the color. With regard to thought transference, this may be similarly used to potentize water with the thought of a specific color. This is referred to as magnetizing the water.


Crystal Therapy is a beautiful way to introduce the subtle, harmonizing benefits of color. The use of crystals can be very powerful and their energies can be used to bring balance to our own energy field. Because each individual’s needs are different, the choice of the crystal is ultimately intuitive. Alternatively, one may seek the assistance of a crystal healer or therapist.

Clothing and Decor

There can be a great therapeutic benefit in wearing certain colors and again one can be guided by intuition or by someone who offers this professionally. Quite simply, a change of color can effectively bring a change of experience by being cooling, calming, energizing, exciting, warming etc.


Food is another perfect source of color and our Garden of Eden provides us with an abundance of all manner of delicious and colorful nutrients. Fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains etc. contain every mineral and element we need. Since each color has its own vibrational quality some foods are then higher or lower than others.

We live by the light of the sun through the agency of chlorophyll and obtain the energy we need from the solar energy stored in plant food. It makes sense to eat as varied a diet as possible, one that consists preferably of fruit, grains, nuts, vegetables etc. unless of course there are medical or lifestyle reasons for not including certain foods.

A colorfully balanced eating regime includes each color of the spectrum.

It is important to eat a balanced diet, one which includes an aspect of each color of the spectrum. There are obviously situations where there may need to be professional guidance and one should always eat sensibly and with awareness of the particular needs of the whole of one’s being as well as trying where possible to eat locally sourced organic food.

Red foods can be energizing, grounding, helpful for recharging our magnetic energies and strengthening our immune systems. They can also be good for the blood. Foods that reflect this ray include red pepper; chili; radish; red apples; all red fleshed and skinned berries; beetroot; red cabbage; red plums; tomatoes etc.

Orange foods can be particularly helpful for building up the immune system and like red foods, these are energizing and grounding. Both red and orange are also good for detoxifying and cleansing. Some foods that reflect this ray include oranges; orange skinned grapefruit; cling peaches; golden plums; royal jelly; mangoes; pawpaw; butternut; pumpkin; orange peppers; carrots; gooseberries etc.

Yellow foods can be especially beneficial for detoxifying and for maintaining a good digestive system. The color yellow is an uplifting one and is associated with the solar plexus chakra which governs the stomach and upper digestive tract including the liver and gallbladder. The foods that are this color can be slightly acidic and include lemons; grapefruit; melons; pineapple; yellow plums; gooseberries; bananas; yams; golden corn or sweet corn; yellow peppers; squash etc.

Green foods are important in terms of balancing, draining, strengthening and cleansing, particularly the blood. The color green is associated with the heart chakra so these foods would support the healthy functioning of the heart system. In nature, green is always associated with new beginnings and it is chlorophyll that traps the vital energy of the sun and converts it to food. It is important to ensure that green foods are a large part of our daily intake and these would include all dark leafy green vegetables; cucumbers; green-skinned courgettes; green peppers; watercress; green-skinned apples; avocado pears etc.

Blue foods are a little rarer but it is nevertheless important to include an aspect of this color for the overall well being of the body. Blue is regarded as a calming and cooling color and some foods which are associated with this ray are the blue-skinned berries like blackberries; bilberries; blueberries; black skinned grapes; plums; damsons and some asparagus etc.

Indigo foods are closely linked to the blue foods and can be helpful when needing to energize and focus on brain function and nervous system, in other words, those areas governed by the brow chakra.

Violet foods again are very similar to the blue and indigo rays and would also include all the dark berries like grapes and blackberries as well as dark purple broccoli, red cabbage, aubergines, and beetroot. All of these are rich in elements including magnesium which is essential to all brain and mental functioning.


Allowing yourself the freedom to express through paint, or any other color medium. can be wonderfully beneficial. It’s not always necessary to understand the choice of color, but rather to trust that whichever color or color combination is being used is the creative expression that holds the key to harmony, balance, and healing.


(Painting at the top of the page – Point of Light – Copywrite Fiona Almeleh)


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