There are a lot of things coming together right now, even though it may not look like it. From an esoteric astrology perspective, a lot of important things are happening, but to see them, you have to know some esoteric astrology and theosophy. Let’s look at what is happening from a different view than what you will find in non-spiritual (and even thinly spiritual) sources.

First, there is a lot of astrological activity right now in the sign of Capricorn. This is happening in the latter degrees, which is why a lot of things are coming to a head. This is all occurring to set the stage and pave the way for the upcoming Age of Aquarius, which I have written about elsewhere. But before that age arrives, there has to be an end to the current, and really, the outdated. While Venus is the next big mover and shaker coming on the scene in the next month, in the broader sense, the current theme is Capricorn, specifically the latter degrees of it. The following sign is Aquarius, so this is a critical time, both micro and macro cosmically.

In esoteric astrology, the soul exits a particular cycle of development through Capricorn. Hence, the period we are in now is the final push of the group soul exiting a certain level of development. Which, of course, means that it will be entering a new, higher level, and we know this to be the age of Aquarius. Capricorn is the sign of long-standing institutions, father energy, so yes, you could say the solar-phallic paradigm of the last two thousand years. So, in a basic sense, Pluto and Jupiter in the final degrees of Capricorn are, in a lot of ways, the patriarch’s last push before we start to ascend to prepare for the incoming energies of Aquarius. I don’t know about you, but I can see that happening before my very eyes. Churches are behaving like cornered animals, religious extremism is on the rise, and the world is getting more and more polarized. If you think about it, though, the soil receives polarized right before a seed breaks through into a plant. Before churches, temples were the norm, so you can see how this is the completion of a cycle that started thousands of years ago. It is an equation balancing itself out.

As a species, we have spent the last two thousand years wrestling and developing themes having to do with compassion, mercy, and, most of all, love. This has been a good thing in general for the development of the species, so we can take comfort in the fact that some good did come of it, even though a lot of bad did, too. That period, of course, was an improvement in the age before it, which was an improvement on the era before it, etc, etc, etc. So, what next?

Almost every spiritual system has its way of marking time, and ages that align with their teachings, but in addition to these, there is also astrology, whose cycles are written in the stars. While we are not in the Aquarian Age yet, we are getting closer to it every year. This year and the next five years will move up substantially closer at a faster rate, too, and the party kicks off this year. This year sees Saturn and Jupiter move into Aquarius at the very end, and while they are not firmly in it yet, this does signal the coming change.

The Aquarius energy so often spoken of is the energy of the 5th ray in theosophy, that of concrete science, logic, reason, and rationale. It is the energy of the mental plane, and will, therefore, be in stark contrast to the emotional plane that has been dominant for so long. It will bring uniqueness, probably some rebellion, eccentricities, and scientific thought. There will be extremes in it, too, but those will be different due to the mental emphasis, but it is worth noting that this will not be a utopia. This year is the one where we take another stomp on the age that we’re leaving and adapt to what is coming up, not just over the next five years, but also the next two thousand or so. As you move through the next month, where we will most certainly have trials, extrapolate your lessons where you see them, and magnify them to the big picture. If you get stuck interpreting something, turn to the wisdom of the seven rays for guidance, and/or meditation with the ascended master Hilarion. This is a huge transitional year, but it just kicks off the next step on the path, so hold onto your hats. It’s going to be a wild ride! We’re not caught off guard though, so take comfort in that.



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