Closed For Spiritual Maintenance…

Closed For Spiritual Maintenance

Closed for Spiritual Maintenance

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I had been fasting over the last few months. Every week I would commit to at least 16 hours at the minimum to fast one day a week (from Wednesday-Thursday). Sometimes it would be for longer periods. Before I go further, I’ll say the reason I chose these days was because Thursday is the day of Jupiter. This is the day we do work on our wealth, assets, business matters-things like that.

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I started to fast to gain clarity, that would lead me trust my Higher Self more when working with the energy of wealth. The energy of Goddess Oya had been moving in my life strongly since January. Goddess Oya is the Goddess of transformation as well as business matters.

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This energy to assist me with having business success has always been present, yet I seemed to had temporarily gotten away from increasing my awareness to see the signs while being caught up in my daily hustle of running my business.

So when I thought about doing a ‘social media fast’. I decided to challenge myself and here’s what happened.

What’s spiritual maintenance? For me spiritual maintenance is taking a break from everyday distractions so that spiritually I can refocus on me and do any inner work, self care and healing that may have gotten neglected while being caught up in light worker duties. I find this is especially needed if you are of service to others. We get overwhelmed helping others daily in different ways-counseling, coaching, readings, providing support and teaching to name a few that we tend to stop putting ourselves first in the equation. I’ve always said ‘we cannot pour from an empty cup’ therefore tending to what we need or feel like we are missing should always be number one. So closing ourselves for business so that we can get balanced and make ourselves whole again is necessary and vital. Take a break from it all!

Let me say this, if your an entrepreneur attempting to grow, growing or even have tremendous growth by using the internet and social media we all know too well that-sleep just doesn’t exist in our world. As we begin to evolve and be more open to knowledge, the vision in our minds grow to how we can be even bigger than what we first had in mind. This type of growth takes ambition. As fast as the internet and social media move, timing is of essence and we must strike while the iron is hot regardless of the time of day. We post captivating articles, beautiful art work, stories of interest in hopes of catching the perfect viral moment that our hard work can be seen and change our lives. Of course as light workers we are here to help but wouldn’t it be amazing to create a moment that can put us on a platform to help 100 x more people while producing a prosperous business to sustain our needs? Virtual world entrepreneurs work all hours therefore an average 24 hours period can be three to five days worth of work for some of us. So burn out can happen quickly, often and to many. So yes sometimes maintenance is needed.

Sometimes its very necessary to step away from the chatter, meditate and really listen to what’s going on. Even though my break wasn’t a physical vacation, disconnecting made me definitely feel like I was on a mental one. I was able to think and create on my own terms. Getting back in tune with myself was my best decision. And it wasn’t that I’m not in tune with self but I got so caught up in the hustle I truly began neglecting me and what made me happy. My break served as a reminder of why I was doing what I was in the first place. This isn’t just needed for entrepreneurs, I think everyone should consider taking that break to gain clarity. The first thing many people do upon waking-check social media, respond to missed emails and messages, jump immediately into reading the latest breaking news or blogs.

A period of spiritual solitude was needed as part of my spiritual maintenance. Did y’all catch that? I had to be separated from the woes of the social media world to really check myself and thought patterns I began to carry. It’s healthy to do this from time to time. I needed time alone to re-evaluate my thoughts, perceptions and what I really wanted. The break was necessary. It made me remember who I enjoyed being without the influence of social media, and my mind began to get stimulated in new ways again.

Do I think spiritual maintenance is vital? Most definitely! We all need at least a couple days to rejuvenate and gain clarity. Challenge yourself to a 24 your social media fast and see what happens! You may want to go even longer!

Tips to survive your fast:

1. Gratitude

Show gratitude to the Universe as well as yourself for having the opportunity and taking the opportunity to give yourself a much needed break. Showing gratitude in all you do draws in more things to be grateful for.

2. Read a really good book

Use this time to brush up on knowledge or learn about that topic you may have scrolled and saved on Instagram. We see and save so much on a daily basis that sometimes we forget to go back and actually study. This information we come across is usually something Spirit is guiding us to so that we may get the necessary spiritual food for our spiritual journey. I used my break to read Sacred Woman by Queen Afua (Goddesses this is a must read!)

3. Free up some energy

Move things around to free up energy. Is there a room you’ve been wanting to re-organize in your home? Is there a pile of mail you’ve been avoiding? Are there apps on your phone that haven’t been used in months that need deleting? Clear some space! Unused stagnant energy can become a source of negative energy. Clearing space can change the energy of your environment and your mood. Out with the old to make room for new. New energy can’t flow in if the old energy is already holding space.

4. Get outside, connect with nature and ground yourself

Get out in nature. Now you don’t have to jump in a river naked or roll around in mud (but if you want to you most certainly can!) but just sitting outdoors, taking deep breaths of fresh air can shift your mood and help bring clarity of thoughts. Listen to the birds chirping, watch the butterflies fly, admire the trees blowing in the wind. Go sit by water if you live near water. These simple and FREE things can really help. Your soul will thank you! As far as grounding, walk barefoot in the grass and allow Mother Gaia to transfer her grounding energy to you while pulling out the chaotic energy within you. Five minutes of grounding can be very healing.

5. Journal (Get your 30 day Holistic self care Journal here: )

Journaling for me is a form of meditation. It helps to get the storm of thoughts and ideas running around out my mind and on paper so I can sort through what I’m feeling and decipher if what I’m feeling is even mine to carry. Sometimes Empaths- which I also identify as being, can pick up on energies and thoughts not necessarily ours. Writing things out can allow you to re-evaluate what you are truly experiencing. It also is an opportunity to connect with Spirit and be guided. Pull out a notebook and write whatever comes to mind.

6. Create a Vision Board

Maybe it’s time to re-evaluate your goals, or create some if you don’t have any! Vision boards are a great way to pull your goals out your mind and put it in a place where you can clearly see. When you can clearly see your vision, you can realistically work towards manifesting it in your life. Vision boards are powerful manifestation tools. So grab a poster board, marker and magazine and create!

7. Connect with friends and family who don’t use social media

You know I didn’t realize how vital this was until I actually did it. Many people do not use social media (hard to believe isn’t it? It’s true though!) Therefore they aren’t connected to our day to day habits, posts, successes or even failures. So they are usually clueless as to if we are fine or struggling in some aspect. We may not contact them as often as we should. Check in with these friends and family members. Apologize if you haven’t been connected as much. Fix any broken bridges that may have occurred while you have been off in social media world. It happens. We get so caught up that weeks and months pass without realizing. Stay connected with those you care about whether they are on social media or not.

8. Meditation- Is meditation necessary? Yes! (Get your meditation bundles here: )

If you don’t meditate, consider developing a practice. Meditation truly changed my life. Prior to getting into meditation, I never realized how much mind chatter was blocking me from seeing many things in my life. Will your mind ever completely shut up? Possibly not. But you will learn to manage those thoughts in a way they don’t become controlling. One thing I hear with my clients quite often is-I can’t stop thinking. Your mind won’t stop thinking! It’s a constant running hard drive processing information and energy. When you get thoughts while in meditation, allow the thoughts to come, acknowledge them and then dismiss them. The harder you fight thoughts, the more distracted you become and completely get thrown off your meditation session. Be gentle and understanding with yourself when it comes to meditating. I’m a continuous work in progress myself. Try guided meditation if your a beginner. It’s voice guided leading you through your session. These help with the mind chatter and distractions. If you want to amp up your meditation session consider binaural beats. These help reprogram your mind on a subconscious level.

My spiritual maintenance break was so therapeutic. I slept better-wasn’t up until 3 am or waking up in the middle of the night to check posts and dm’s. Or having a lack of sleep from working my social media pages constantly all hours of the day and night. My mind was resting. With my mind at rest, I truly was able to see what was moving around me. I had quite a few ‘stop and smell the roses’ moments. I had an opportunity to work on and heal wounded parts of myself that I didn’t realize had been battered while busy doing my part to heal the collective consciousness. I nurtured myself more-my heart, mind, body and soul.

I allowed the Divine Feminine to work on me and be an integral part of my maintenance by healing and cleansing and sealing my aura and balancing my Chakras (Get my Aura Cleansing bundle: & get my Chakra Healer Bundle: )

So if you’re feeling the urge to take a break, do so. Spiritual maintenance may be just the thing you need!

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