I’m Cleopatra Jade, And This Is My Dharma…

I’m Cleopatra Jade, And This Is My Dharma

Hello, my name is Cleopatra Jade, I am an Intuitive Dating & Relationship expert. I have been working as an Intuitive Counselor since 2005, which inspired me to become a Master Life Coach so I can combine my skills to maximize my effectiveness in helping my clients.
My expertise is an integration of skills and education with a concentration in relationships:

-Degree- A.A.S in Psychology
-Master Life Coaching
-Life Coaching
-Relationship Workshop Facilitator
-Happiness Coaching
-Life Purpose Coaching
-Life Goal Success Coaching
-Nero-linguistic programming
-Intuitive Counseling
-Reiki healing.

I am always adding to my education stay fresh so that I may better serve my clients.

Personal or Professional Goals:

My personal goals are to become more physically fit which is something I am always working on; I love going to the gym and eating food that’s good for you as a whole. It helps me feel lighter and balanced when I know that I am taking care of my body. My professional goals are to help women overcome stuck patterns that prevent them from meeting the right partner. I see a lot of women stifle themselves this way and would love to help them fix this, move forward, and open their options up.

What’s Your Offering to the World?

I feel like my purpose is to show others how to heal themselves so they can live in harmony. I offer help and guidance that teaches others how to rebuild themselves back up and raise their vibration so that they are living to their fullest potential which will also help them to attract a high-quality partner.

Who/What Inspires You?

People who have gone to hell and back, but can pick themselves back up. I love resilience in a person to me if you have that in your make up there is no stopping you. Those people inspire me and are part of my tribe because I have had to dust myself off as well and understand what it takes to keep moving even when the deck is stacked against you. When I see that quality in others, it makes me happy because I know they will always be okay and have the spirit to take on challenges with great strength


It has always been my passion to empower others. I am all about giving advice, and coach to help women overcome challenges in their love life. I believe it’s essential to provide with insight on how to break harmful patterns so that the people I work with can become healthy, and be in a balanced relationship.

Favorite Quote:

Your vibe attracts your tribe.






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