Clearing The Path For 2019 – A Gift To You…

Clearing The Path For 2019 – A Gift To You

A new year on the horizon. High hopes. Big wishes …

…and probably lots of past experiences contradicting the realization of them. But why – why are we thinking it is better to create worst case scenarios and close ourselves to certain opportunities or even relationships, just because we have been hurt in the past?

Remember this: “In your defenselessness your strength lies” – as Gabby Bernstein shares from the Course in Miracles, as Jesus taught the world and as Mother Nature depicts in so many ways.

A flower doesn´t close and hides its beauty according to who is walking by or watching it.

But how to let go of what was, in order to create a new future?

How to consciously set the direction for the year ahead without steering again into stormy weather and difficult currents?

Let us try this: First of all acknowledging the old ways of navigating in the past.

Thanking your old patterns and attempts to succeed. Thank even your old mindset and goals. Thank former companions and all the people you have met along the last year for having shared parts of the path with you. Thank all those lessons you have learned throughout your journey so far. Maybe even bow to them – to the good, as well as to the so called painful experiences.

Knowing deep inside that you are not bound to learn from pain or failure in the future, but you might have unconsciously chosen to do so in your past. Which is fine. Just accept it, seeing things without the need to agree nor disagree.

This way we can release the past. Knowing we have done our very best and are in this moment exactly where we need to be. Right here – in this moment.

No need to go back in time.

No need to change anything you have decided, thought, said or done in the past.

No need to justify where you have been, nor where you are going to.

Simply feel the presence we have cultivated just by guiding our thoughts, by reading these sentences and feeling a pull, a wish for this to be reality. The power of focus and heartfelt intention.

And the universe always answers.

I have experienced it in so many powerful ways. Even if I had to wait for a little bit – I received it always in divine timing, exactly when I was ready, allowing, willing to see.

And today I believe, it is my turn to pass on the blessing and open the door for you.

I am honored if you take my invitation to now experience the healing vibrations of theta. In the following section I will guide you onto a little journey.

Placing first my intentions to create a safe and quiet space for you to be in – to ground your being, center and balance your emotional, physical, mental and spiritual layers of your body – connecting you with yourself to feel more at peace and present – experiencing more relaxation – for you to feeling at ease at all times. Let´s invite an inner shift for each and every one who reads this, to happen in the most safe, profound, meaningful and noticeable way.

You can see this as a guided meditation and a free energy healing session that reaches you no matter where you are. As these vibrations put you in touch with your own inherent healing powers, your deepest wisdom and truth, the clarity within.

Make this offering yours – add what you feel drawn to add – leave out what does not resonate with you. But let the heart and feeling guide you, and the head & thinking mind take a break for now.

Nothing you need to do or can do wrong in this moment.

By simply allowing yourself to receive, you are worthy, capable and able to do so.

As you read on, you are fully in control. You may give yourself permission to receive these downloads by saying “yes” – out loud or quietly in your mind.

So called downloads gift you with the divine and highest blueprints. Planting the purest seeds of whatever you wish to see and experience more of in your life.

With each sentence taking a deep breathe in and releasing it very slowly out.

Maybe it feels right to make a soft sound, opening the mouth and allowing a sense of relaxation to pervade your being from the top of your head, down to the feet.

Relaxing and releasing tension and tightness in your face, jaw, shoulders, chest, belly, hips, legs and feet. Sinking deeper into the earth and feeling maybe a nice prickling feeling bubbling up in your entire being.

If you would like to know what it feels like to let go, surrender and be at peace with the past – knowing any feelings about it are valid and welcome, and yet be able at the same time to let go and accept, so you can fully arrive in the here and now –

then simply say yes. Taking a deep breath in and out.

If you want to know the highest and purest definition, understanding and embodiment of trust, surrender and your life´s path and purpose – and how to live your life more trusting yourself and the world, surrendering, how it feels like to truly be on your path and that you are already used to being on your path –

then say yes. Taking a deep breath in and out.

If you would like to know how it feels like to release old patterns and thoughts that serve you no longer – how it feels like to change, shift and transform your way of being and feeling with ease and grace, effortlessly – how it feels like to be authentic and that you are already used to being authentic, in alignment with who you really are and your path –

then please say yes. Taking another deep breath in and out. With that feeling your connection points with the earth. Noticing your body, maybe your heart beating in your chest and giving a moment of gratitude to this miracle called life!

Please know that there is nothing that you need to feel in particular.

Trust that your willingness to go read until hear and go through the process, your genuine longing to truly receive the above feelings and abilities is enough.

Trust that you have asked for a change and received it. Thank yourself. You have just now taken the first step. From this point onwards just allowing it to ripple out in the minutes, hours, days, week, months and years to follow.

You have adjusted your compass.

Showing you with every day to come more and more clearly where to go to, trusting the little detours are part of the journey, as you can´t get lost with this newly gained clarity. You are facing your true north – feeling on your path more than ever before.

Opened your mind and feelings for new thoughts, experiences, and impulses to enter your life.

Consciously inviting in all the evidence and proof of your dream manifesting, evidence of your path unfolding beautifully and the change you wished for happening in a way that you can perceive and allow it.

Remember you are free – always were and always will be.

Free to stick to the goals, desires and wishes you were already aware of and free to choose anew.

Maybe you find yourself choosing a new direction with an unknown destination. So let your satisfaction and excitement for just looking in that direction be the proof and confirmation you need to take off.

Set your sails, the winds of change are blowing, the gates are open.

Let your anchor be always in the powerful now – pure presence – your feelings and unlimited awareness from moment to moment.

No more need to repeat the past, nor to fear or avoid it. You have learned your lessons. Also know that there are new lessons to learn.

Never-ending growth as the silver lining of this life. All seasons part of nature, needed and important for the universal balance.

As long as you follow your heart, passion, joy and satisfaction you are on your path. Even in times when you feel the wind is blowing against you for some time, there is a hidden blessing – and if you innocently look for it, you will see and be grateful for it.

Know everything is working out for you and always has been.

Choose to see your well-being in this moment and every moment.

I thank you so much for receiving my gift, for reading on and being open to this experience.

May we all remember every day how powerful and beautiful we are.

May the New Year bless us all with grace, miracles and love.

And so it is.

Yours, Hanna


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