Cleansing Negative Energy With Essential Oils…

Cleansing Negative Energy With Essential Oils

Energy cannot be created or destroyed; it can only be transformed. Energy is all around us and negative energy can impact us on a daily basis. Some of us might encounter negative energy on a frequent basis. Any source of negative energy can cause us to feel depressed, angry, have trouble sleeping, or even manifest as a physical ailment. Let’s be real, this negative energy isn’t good for our soul. Though it can be hard to avoid negativity, there are ways that you can better prepare and protect yourself for when you find yourself starting to feel in a funk. The key to shifting this negative energy is to raise your vibration. There’s many different techniques and tools to shift your energy and one of those is essential oils.

Essential oils are a great tool to utilize when you start feeling yourself bogged down with negativity. They are literally the healing energies of plants placed into a bottle. They can be used to uplift your spirit, purify a space, and promote general feelings of positivity. You can use them either topically (by applying diluted oils to your pressure points or creating a body mist) or aromatically with a diffuser. Another option is to find a piece of jewelry that you can wear that contains a diffuser pendant or bead, that way the power of that oil is connected to you in close range throughout your day.

But what oils are the best to help boost those positive vibes? Keep reading for some of the top oils to have on hand when you are needing to clear out negativity.

Lavender is one of the hardest working oils out there. It’s known for its soothing and calming properties, not only for your emotions but for skin issues as well. It’s no wonder that it would help dispel negativity as well by promoting feelings of happiness and harmony.

Palo Santo essential oil is great to incorporate not only into your meditation practices, but to help cleanse your room of negative energy on a regular basis. With its slightly sweet and woodsy smell, Palo Santo is grounding and helps to instill a sense of peacefulness and calm. It has been used for thousands of years in healing ceremonies as it also works to neutralize your field of energy and ease any bad vibes hanging around.

Any of the bright, crisp citrus scents (bergamot, orange, lemon, tangerine), are ideal to have on hand as they are incredibly uplifting and tend to help the majority of people feel more joyful. Lemon essential oil, in particular, has been used at times to cleanse negativity from objects like crystals and jewelry. While the citrus scents are great to diffuse, a few drops into a sprayer of white vinegar makes an eco-friendly cleaner that will help negate negative energy from your living areas.

Another great oil to have on hand is Frankincense. Frankincense is known for purification properties. It removes negative influences in the body, aura, psychic and environment.

Rose is considered to be the queen of all the oils and has the highest vibrational frequency. It helps to open up the heart chakra, but more importantly, it encourages you to fill your spirit up with love and laughter, leaving no room for negativity around you (and that may come from within).

While there are so many other oils worth featuring, these are some of the best ones to build your collection when starting out, especially if you find that you are constantly feeling drained by negativity. By raising your vibration, you start to align more fully with the life you want to live. And this benefits throughout all areas of your life. Let’s grab your essential oils and start to raise your vibes!

Take it a step further by pairing your essential oils with crystals to amplify the benefits and shift your energy!


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