Clarifying Different Forms Of Soul-Connections…

Clarifying Different Forms Of Soul-Connections

There is a lot of confusion among people about Soul-mates and Twin-souls.

I will clarify here what is what and the nature of these Soul connections.

I often hear the question; “how do I meet my Twin-soul?” The answer is you won’t.

A so-called Twin-soul is an aspect of your own Soul and it is not designed that the different aspects of one Soul meet in the physical realm.

In actual fact there can be existing up to 12 aspects of your Soul, in other words you could have up to 11 Twin-souls. I say you could have; not every Soul splits into that many parts.

The Nature of the Soul is all about gathering experiences, that’s why it can split into different aspects in order to gather more.

As an example; one aspect of yours could be in a different dimension, others right now here on planet earth or experiencing life on other planets. Each aspect gathers experiences without awareness of the other existing aspects. Eventually all the experiences feed into the One Soul.

The nature of the Soul That You Are is expansion through any form of experience.

Now let’s talk about Soul-mates.

Actually there is only one Soul-mate that you meet over and over again in different forms. Your Soul-mate is an individual Soul but like a mirror image of yourself. I am not talking physically here but energetically.

If you have an agreement to meet on planet earth you will. Sometimes you have, sometimes not. You always make wise decisions based on what suits your development best.

People often use the term Twin-soul but actually it’s the Soul-mate they are referring to.

If someone has a strong longing to meet its Soul-mate, likely it is a sign that they have an agreement to meet on planet earth.

Contrary to expectations of many, the Soul-mate is not necessarily from the opposite Sex. As I said earlier Soul-mates want to experience each other in different forms. It could be your child, a close friend, your father or mother and the list goes on…

If you meet your Soul-mate in one form or another there is a depth and closeness you won’t experience with anyone else. This is not always instant, sometimes it is a connection you already have had for a while without any sense of the Soul-mate bond.

At the same time it is the most challenging connection you can have. Both need to have strong emphasis on learning and growing with each other; no problem can be ‘swiped under the carpet’. Everything what arises between them needs to be brought to the light; learning and expanding is the game. Otherwise great distance occurs and it takes a lot of effort to be ONE again.

Extremely beautiful and challenging times await you when you meet your Soul-mate…

Soul-families are yet another aspect in the world of the Soul.

When you meet someone from the same Soul group you will also experience a strong familiarity and connection. Sometimes people believe that they have met their Soul-mate because the experience of closeness and understanding is similar.

I say similar… but not the same.

Not the same in the extent of depth and the feeling of being ONE.


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