Christmas Menu While Breastfeeding…

Christmas Menu While Breastfeeding

Breast milk is essential for the nourishment of a newborn baby until they get to a reasonable age. During this festive season, it is essential to get a Christmas breastfeeding diet menu to follow. This way, you can have fun with the baby in mind.

Lactating during the festive season can prove to be hectic, especially with the ups and downs that are involved. Visitors are streaming in, and you need to welcome them and probably prepare something, then you need to go shopping for the presents. Your female friends will also need some of your time. You go for a girl’s night or just a girls’ day out. With all these activities revolving around you, you may end up forgetting yourself and the baby and even forget to change his overnight diapers. That’s why having a Christmas breastfeeding diet menu is of great value to you and the child.

Hydrate Yourself Frequently

The fluid is the main composition of breast milk, and you must keep yourself hydrated throughout. It is vital that in your daily menu for breastfeeding, you include fluid substance after every meal. Drink water as frequently as possible; if you can, have your water to carry around as you go through your regular errands. You can also take other liquid substances such as tea, milk, or porridge but with a fixed amount of sugar or caffeine if its coffee. These dissolved substances are the main components that form breast milk.

Vitamin D Supplements

Vitamin D is essential for the formation of healthy bones both for you and your baby. During the Christmas festivities, you tend to get so occupied that you barely have time to take the baby outside to bask in the sun. The only other way to ensure that you and your baby will get this essential nutrient when you take them as supplements. That way, the child will be able to get it from breast milk. A healthy breastfeeding menu should have some vitamin D supplements included in it.

Healthy Snacking

After giving birth, most women tend to have an increased appetite, which is very healthy. It is the period where you will find yourself adding some weight if you don’t watch what you eat. During the Christmas period, you will come into contact with snacks so frequently. It will be like every turn you take there is a snack basket in front of you, every visitor who steps in either comes with some snacks for presents, or you prepare some for them to eat. It requires one to have a lot of self-control when it comes to snacks. The best way to do this, however, should be by having some healthy snacks around you. Fruits, cereals, and oatmeal are some of the healthy snacks you can take.


If you’re breastfeeding, then your calorie intake will be higher, especially during the festive seasons. You have a lot of activities lined up waiting for you, and you still have yourself to take care of. Enough calories can help you survive through all this hype. Always include calories in your listings for a menu breastfeeding mom.

Foods to Avoid in Your Christmas Breastfeeding Diet Menu


If you’re a drinker, then staying away from the bottle during the festive season will not be a walk in the park for you. The drink is not suitable for you during lactation because it tends to interfere with the baby’s eating habits. You may not be able to entirely exempt alcohol from your menu for breastfeeding during the Christmas season. However, a glass of wine once in a while is not that bad. You should take some meals afterward before breastfeeding. But in your menu during breastfeeding, alcohol ideally doesn’t have a place!


Caffeine may not be harmful to your baby, but it will make them quite restless. Nothing is as uncomfortable as having an infant crying all over and you have guests around to take care of, decorations to do for the house and food to be cooked. While trying to come up with a healthy menu for breastfeeding mothers, avoid drinks with high levels of caffeine. You can take a regulated amount during the day to avoid giving the baby some sleepless nights; good diapers will also enhance the sleep comfort of your baby.

Dieting While Breastfeeding

Most people fear to gain weight after giving birth and would like to return to their standard size they had before the pregnancy period. Baby fat, however, is not that bad since it usually goes once you’re done lactating. Dieting is, therefore, not for breastfeeding moms because you will be doing more harm to the child because you may end up lacking breast milk. The weight you gain is what is helping you have that breast milk, and as you breastfeed, you automatically lose that excess weight.

Final Thoughts

Having a Christmas menu while breastfeeding is an efficient way of controlling what you eat and ensuring that you eat it in the correct quantity. During this festive season, there are two things involved if you don’t have a diet menu. Either you get too busy that you end up starving yourself and the baby, or you eat uncontrollably and eat up gaining some massive weight. If you can’t create your menu, then consult a specialist to advise and help you come up with one that is suitable for you.

Have you ever prepared a diet menu for your lactation period? Share your experience with us!


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