Choose Love Over Hate

There are times when you just want to be invisible in order to escape ill-wishers. Criticisms that are never constructive, freely given without care and concern is their forte. They are just frank, fierce and never friendly. More than anything else, they nurture lies and gossips for their benefit at your own expense. Putting others down makes them happy. It excites them. They will define misery for you and will help themselves to your door without an invitation. Their absence brings you peace and their existence… torture.

There is always a deep reason behind every hate that you get. In reality, some people hurt others because they are also hurting. You do not understand it nor deserve it but it is like a bullet being shot irresponsibly out of nowhere and you are the unlucky target. However, you must do everything you can to protect yourself. Remember dear, the trash they throw is never yours to catch. It must be left there, for them to clean. What they say might come from their heart without passing through their other rational senses, so do yourself a favor and do not believe them. Know their lies and hold on to your truth.

They are desperate for your precious time and attention but you have the right not to give them any. Limit your interaction. Wish them well and never hurt them back. They seem mean and malicious and look like they truly mean it but the truth is they only act out of insecurity. Maybe what is in you, could not be found in them or they just don’t have the energy to appreciate anything as much as you are able to. All of us have our insecurities and it is normal but we all have a choice to be in control.

Choose your battles and always fight with kindness. Respect is your real strength. Compassion towards one another is the key because all of us, in one way or another, are struggling. Love is hate’s solution. That is why, dear hateful and hurtful human, I love you. Do not let your emotions get the best of you. Work on what you can improve on yourself and and be better, not bitter. Bless, not curse. Keep shining beautiful being. There is so much goodness and love in the world. Focus on those things.


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