Changing My View On Mercury Retrograde…

Changing My View On Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde is something I learnt about around this time last year. It’s the dreaded season bringing forth pettiness, miscommunications, cancellation of plans and the slowing down of otherwise escalating progress. Prior to this revelation, I might have been a little skeptical around the idea of astrology, only regarding it as something sometimes relatable and a fun prediction of life every once in a while – always careful of self-proclaiming prophecies.

Lately I find myself looking at the planets motions in astrology as a mean to make sense of the situations in my life. I think we all have days where we seem to wake up on the wrong side of the bed and everything that everybody does seem to either upset or irritate us in ways that they normally wouldn’t. I think we all have that period of time where sudden waves of nostalgia hits us hard from a place we never saw coming. I think we all experience moments of emptiness and lack of motivation that makes us want to call quits on the very thing that feels so far, even if it’s our dreams standing right at the corner. These are all the uncomfortable emotions, the synonymous reflections of Mercury Retrograde.

This time last year, I felt as though I was in a rut all the while being in a place that was higher than I’ve been and it was overwhelming. Out of nowhere I felt unmotivated and deeply misunderstood, my relationship with an upper-level superior was on the rocks, words cut me deeper than they should, I was in an emotional state of turmoil half the time, I was on the receiving end of hearing loved ones lose jobs, splitting up and have old ails return. It was intense and upsetting, disheartening, sometimes irritating and I didn’t know what to do about those emotions until I randomly stumbled across an article that taught me about Mercury Retrograde, giving an explanation to the occurences that were unexplainable to me during that time. I now know the term for technology going haywire when least expected, for being forced by circumstances to let go of things (and people) that want to run, for past relationships and/or exes making a sudden U-turn into your life.

We are now yet again in the middle of the second Retrograde season of the year and I’ve been feeling the familiar oncoming of lost emotions, of the sudden change in momentum to my otherwise ‘Go go go!’ schedule, of last minute cancelled travel plans that I was excited about (I didn’t know this too was a thing of Mercury Retrograde, but every day I’m learning), but something is different this time around. I’m not scared. Or anxious. Or particularly dreadful. Or antsy in anticipation. I just wait to see the focal areas of life that comes to surface, I wait to see the parts that may require extra attention and adjustments.

There is no reason to fear Mercury Retrograde if you look at it this way. Newton’s Third Law states that for every action in nature, there is an equal and opposite reaction – that is what retrogrades are to the forward motion of our lives. I believe that setbacks help us grow and outgrow the things we no longer need. I believe that change is mandatory for us to keep up with the ongoings of our journey and I believe that slowing down is especially essential to recharge and rejuvenate before diving headfirst into an either new or continued project with even bigger, better and elevated ideas. It is all part of the process.

I am learning to not fret the days with nothing much happening but instead bask in those moments of peace. I am learning that it is okay to stay put once in a while to catch my breath when others are running. I am learning to appreciate the return of my past and my ghosts in order to reflect on the things that went right and wrong so I can in better myself for the road ahead.

To those of you that have been feeling intensely inconvenienced by this period of time, to those of you feeling dreadfully sluggish getting through the days, and to those of you feeling sad and disheartened over it all – I am with you. Just know that you are in the middle of change and these uncomfortable emotions only mean that you are morphing into the kind of freedom that butterflies are. This too shall pass. Precisely in two weeks’ time.


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