How & Why You Should Change Your Perspective…

How & Why You Should Change Your Perspective

Perspective is Everything

What if you could see the world through another set of eyes? Do you think you would be happier? How happy are you really? What does happy even mean?

You don’t have to be carefree to be happy.

You also don’t have to be problem free to be happy.

It’s all in your perspective.

Your perspective can literally change your world.

Sometimes, well actually, most of the time, the key to start changing your perspective is all in your breath- we all breathe.

We all have that in common.

My dad always says that the secret to a long life is to never stop breathing.

Although he is the comedian of the family, he really is right.

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It’s All in how You React

The next time something upsets you or frustrates you try to take a moment to breath. Focus on your breath – what does it feel like?

Is it deep and warm in your body? Can you feel it literally filling your body with life?

Once you’ve got to the core of your breathing you can now gain a cleared perspective.

Why were you actually upset?

Our reactions are our choices.

It’s easy to blame someone else for our feelings but it’s truly our choice and most people are aware of this and that’s what truly makes them frustrated.

But, maybe once your perspective has been changed you’ll see that this is actually a blessing. You are in control! That means you can choose to see what you want to see.

Soon you’ll see that keeping calm will come naturally, because in your core being the only thing that matters is the inner peace you feel that no one can take away from you.

Seeing Through Inner Peace

Now let’s take this a little bit farther.

What if you saw the rest of the world with this inner peace?

What if your new-found perspective shows you a brighter and more vibrant life? How many things would change?

Maybe that chirping bird that always wakes you in the morning will now make you smile because the sound is just plain beautiful.

Maybe your dandelions will now be flowers and an incredible medicinal plant.

Imagine going for a walk and feeling the warmth of the sun on your beautiful face.

Imagine looking in the mirror and actually saying good morning to yourself!

What if you said I love you, to you!

Your whole world will very literally change once you choose to change your perspective.

Stop thinking that if only “so and so” would stop saying this or that to me I could just move on and be happy.

Start thinking that no matter what anyone says to me they cannot take my peace away from me they cannot take away my happiness!

Love More

I choose to be happy. I choose to take control of me.

This is my body and these are my feelings. Start loving and respecting yourself.

It will be the most magical thing and the most rewarding thing you can do for yourself.

You’ll smile more. You’ll laugh more.

Most importantly you’ll love more.


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