Certainty! A Precious Commodity…

Certainty! A Precious Commodity

Certainty today is a precious and rare commodity in our times of happy and upheaval and It’s a personal value that only the truly wise and successful possess, it is also a muscle that we build beyond logic.

All that said how do we build it? How do we build certainty when all else fails?

Just below in these next paragraphs are some of the practical ways you can begin to build the certainty muscle in your life to achieve greatness.

These 3 keys below I’m about to share with you are some of the ways I’ve used during the course of my career to help elevate my state of consciousness during the toughest of times.

1. Action! You need massive amounts of action. But what does this mean? you read it everywhere, ACTION, ACTION, TAKE MASSIVE ACTION’ What is it I need to do? most people ask me.

Well, with no action in your life, doubt and uncertainty easily start to creep in, so you need to get involved in having a routine or a set of activities that will keep you alert, alive, working and thriving your creative genius.

Don’t confuse this action though with just keeping busy, the biggest problem most people face today is the negativity of being busy for the sake of being busy.

Get practical, ask your self with assertiveness what is it you’re trying to accomplish in the next months in your life? This does not involve going out for dinner with friends or coffee or a walk in the park. Here I’m talking about where your future is. What’s in store in your future is directly related to how you chose to ‘spend’ your time today.

By all means be aware that there has to be a balance in your lifestyle of leisurely activities but don’t include them into your routine until you have set out for yourself a target, a goal you’ll achieve today, in 2 weeks from now, in 3 months from now etc. Set for yourself a plan of action to tackle your targets and make your targets exciting by going above what you think you can accomplish and hold yourself accountable for those targets by doing whatever it takes to achieve them. Believe me, here you’ll be busy and excited and feeling accomplished and finally certain. The only biggest asset you can buy in your life is a certainty with the amount of time you spend creating your future the way you want it.

2. Decision! Decide today you’ll hold yourself accountable. Certainty is a muscle that is highly powered these two components action and decision and they both come together almost in synchronicity by your commitment to level yourself up with your potential. If you’re not sure where a decision here plays one of the biggest parts in your life today I want you to ask your self this one question:

“What has been today the biggest decision you made to better create your future?”

Here is where most people just don’t cut it. Nothing really was consciously decided today other than the normal activities every person has to do daily to continue their routine and where for most people most of these activities are done on auto pilot.

So, here’s the thing, how can you change the program, how can you change the scheme of your life and make a massive decision to take deliberate action to transform your life? Immediately here these questions are a game changer for just about anyone willing to commit to welcome change, this is why taking in your hands the power of conscious decision making can be one of the most valuable assets in your life today.

3. Environment! This is a huge one, to support your level of certainty with the two above components you’ll need to assess your environment and perhaps make adjustments and even changes to it. Believe it or not, the environment we live in or are surrounded by directly affects our performance and in turn if you are not strong enough it may affect you in your decision making and your action taking.

To perform your best, your environment has to align with your level of thinking.

Meaning, it is extremely important that the people you surround yourself with are in congruence with your aspirations and are supportive of them. If this isn’t the case in your life right now and if there are people in your world that do not feel right about your desire to develop your life further, that’s ok, it happens!

What you do here is plan your exit route, decisively and quickly and make it happen, successfully plan to spend more time with the those who are on the same mission as you, inject into your day more of the knowledge you seek to help you move forward and know that to succeed you need to actively and decisively involve your self in consciously creating your future by holding a clear image of your new life and with each step you take to move into a more confident, greater and certain version of you.


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