How Celebrating Little Successes Together Can Strengthen Your Marriage…

How Celebrating Little Successes Together Can Strengthen Your Marriage

You want your partner to achieve success just like you want your marriage to be successful, and there’s one big way to show it. Sometimes all your mate needs in order to feel appreciated is to have you acknowledge their goals and achievements. A great way to do this is by celebrating little successes together as a couple. There are countless ways to celebrate your partner and make them feel special, or even to celebrate your success as a hard-working, happy, healthy married couple. Whether it’s a personal goal that’s been met or a professional milestone, we’re looking at how celebrating successes together can strengthen your marriage.

Helps you Focus Together

Celebrating successes can strengthen your marriage by getting you both on the same page. When you celebrate together you both realign your core values and reassess what is important. This can also help you focus on what makes your marriage a success. Why are you able to celebrate together? What has your communication taught you? How can you make your marriage even better? When you celebrate together you have the opportunity to focus on what qualities you appreciate about your spouse.

Gives your Partner Undivided Attention

Through long hours at work, taking care of the children, and other societal obligations, giving your partner undivided attention can sometimes feel impossible. By celebrating success in your marriage you are both showing one another that they are taking center stage in your life. Giving your partner your time is one of the most valuable things you can ever do. It reminds them that they are valued, loved, and that they can rely on you to be there for them.

Raises Morale

Celebrating success can strengthen your marriage and can raise morale. This is because of the dopamine effect. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter in the brain that sends signals to nerve cells. This is located in the reward center of the brain and is responsible for “feel good” reactions. It is also responsible for addictions we feel as humans. Dopamine is released during the initial stages of a relationship, often resulting in a “high” feeling when you are around your mate. It was also what made you feel attracted to your mate. Celebrating together now raises dopamine levels and makes you feel crazy about each other all over again.

Improves your bonding with your spouse

In an ideal relationship, both mates are each other’s best friend. This celebration of successes helps bond you closer together. This creates an open line of communication that leads to those amazing conversations you used to have when you first met. An emotional connection is also the baseline for a mind-blowing sex life. When you are emotionally connected you are able to let loose in the bedroom and have a deeper intimacy.

Builds Self-Esteem

Celebrating success can strengthen your marriage by building your partner’s self-esteem. When you celebrate them you are telling them how well they’ve done, are focus on their positive qualities and attributes. By taking care of your mate, you are being assertive about putting them in the spotlight. These things can help make your partner feel more attached to you and remind them that you are always in their minds

Reminds you how Far you’ve come

Celebrating successes in your marriage can help remind you how far you’ve come in your relationship. Reminiscing is fun for couples. It reminds you how you met, who you were at that time, and the sacrifices, memories, and family accomplishments you’ve made along the way. Reminding each other of the happy times can help you look forward to creating new memories together. Reminiscing has also been shown to be beneficial for senior couples’ health. Happy memories make life seem more joyful and remembering details of your romantic relationship can help strengthen your memory.

Share and Set Goals

Now that you have reached your goals and celebrated them, it’s time to set the new ones. Celebrating together gives you and your partner the opportunity to talk about the next goals and achievements you’d like to reach for. This can be especially great for your marriage when you make your goals related to your relationship. The goal of starting a family, moving across the country, getting along with your in-laws, better sexual intimacy, becoming friends, and improving your communication skills are all admirable goals that will strengthen your marriage in the long run.

Shows Interest in your Mate’s Life

When you celebrate a success in your partner’s life you show that you are taking in interest in their work or hobbies. If they have achieved a sports goal or won a trophy in a local bowling league, don’t pass it off as something neat that happened. Instead, celebrate your mate’s success and take an interest in what they like about bowling. Attend a game. Show them that you support their interests and are proud of them.

Sets a Great Example for Others

Aside from bonding you closer together, celebrating success together will set a great example for those around you. Be it your children, family, or friends, those closest to you can use your relationship as an example that true love really does exist, and that it’s important to celebrate one another and acknowledge the good in your mate. Your example of selfless, celebratory love can have a lasting impression on those closest to you.

Reminds you to Work Together

Celebrating together reminds you of the importance of working together as a team and giving your partner your willful cooperation. After all, would you be able to achieve success if it weren’t for the support of your mate? If your success is marriage-related, would you achieved it without working together? Likely not. Working as a team is integral to a happy, healthy marriage. Use this as a reminder to always focus on your partner, listen, communicate, have fun, and give each other the benefit of doubt for a happy and long-lasting marriage.


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