CBD Oil: Is It Helpful In Periods?…

CBD Oil: Is It Helpful In Periods?

Your monthly visitor just came knocking. Grudgingly, you opened the door and reluctantly let her in, but this time around, you aren’t so prepared for the discomfort that this visitor usually brings. And if you could have your way, you would put an abrupt end to its mess.

According to the Journal of Reproductive Medicine, the above scenario describes the awkward situation 90% of women with regular cycles face every month. For many decades, pain killers have been the go-to solution for menstrual cramps. But these drugs have only been successful at relieving the pain and not the problem, even though they are still the ultimate solution to most women.

Even though there is no established research that CBD can be used to treat period pain clinically, there are well-established claims of its anti-inflammatory and chronic pain relief properties. And these have led many experts to opine that CBD oil could work wonders for period pain and other related chronic pain conditions.

What is CBD oil?

Cannabidiol (CBD) oil is one of the cannabinoids derived from the hemp plant. Even though it originates from this plant, it cannot induce any form of intoxication. CBD has different types even though they have similar effects. They include:

  • Oils and tinctures
  • Edibles
  • Creams and lotions
  • Vaporizers

CBD oil and tinctures are usually alcohol, oil, or glycerin-based, such as the CBDfx tincture. Edibles are CBD extracts in food form, such as CBD gummies. CBD extracts are also infused into different beauty products, and they can be applied on the skin as creams and lotions.

However, vaporizers are a quicker means of consuming CBD through inhalation. You may choose one CBD form over another depending on your preference and how you want to apply them. There are several controversies that surround this hemp plant and whether or not its extract (CBD oil) can be used to treat period pain. Some theories advocate it, while others have some reasons why it shouldn’t be on the shelves. This is obviously due to its origin.

Despite these controversies, there is a growing awareness of the possible health benefits of CBD oil. Researchers think it has specific properties that affect how the receptors (proteins that help the brain cells respond to different stimuli) in the brain respond to serotonin.

CBD Oil for Period Pain: How It Works Theoretically

Many theories support the claim that CBD oil’s anti-inflammatory properties can cure period cramps and discomfort because it is widely beneficial for a wide range of female reproductive issues. CBD has also been linked to the endocannabinoid system – a group of receptors responsible for sending chemical messages that help the body adjust to certain conditions. Note that a person with an imbalanced hormone may not have a sufficient amount of these endocannabinoid molecules.

Source: Unsplash

How CBD Oil Treats Period Cramps

As more women turn to CBD for a lasting solution to period pain, it is not enough to conclude that it is the perfect drug for this unwanted visitor. Perhaps, it would help if you understood how this natural remedy alleviates the discomfort caused by period pain.

Relaxes the muscles: Menstrual cramps occur when the smooth lining of the uterus contracts. Active properties in the CBD oil can target the receptors in the muscle tissue to alleviate contractions.

Anti-inflammatory: CBD oil has many anti-inflammatory properties that could relieve period pain. It does this by activating specific endocannabinoid receptors in the macrophages. Upon their activation, they go all the way to prevent these macrophages from producing inflammatory proteins.

Pain relief: CBD works with nerve receptors in the brain to reduce the sensation of pain. This automatically spreads to other pain receptors in the body. So you can feel its soothing relief in the entire body.

Blood vessels: Smooth muscles cover the blood vessels in the body. When CBD oil is applied, the cannabinoids cause these vessels to relax. This automatically increases the blood flow and causes oxygen-starved tissues to relax too.

Should I Use CBD Oil to Treat Period Pain?

It’s not enough to conclude that CBD oil can treat period pain, and head over to the stores to get one for yourself. You have to consider a lot of factors. These include:

Whether or not it should be organic?

The best brand to buy CBD oil from

What extraction method do they use?

Should it be full-spectrum CBD or CBD isolate?

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After reading the above checklist, the next step is to decide what CBD form you may want to incorporate. This could be:

Transdermal (on top of the skin)

Sublingual (under the tongue for easier access to the bloodstream)

Are you planning to use CBD oil to treat period cramps for the first time? You should be mindful of the dosage. Like coffee and alcohol, consuming excessive CBD for period cramps may cause some side effects. These effects may likely change as the dosage increases.

There is no specific dosage because our body system differs. And generally, the reproductive systems of most women work slightly differently, too. This could be due to age, race, eating habits, obesity, and hormonal imbalance.

Final Thoughts

Period pain is a common symptom before and during menstruation. It is normal in most cases, but it could indicate a severe medical condition in some cases. It’s essential to speak to a doctor before using CBD oil to treat period pain.


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