Case Study 2 – Healing Sciatic Nerve Pain With Diet…

Case Study 2 – Healing Sciatic Nerve Pain With Diet

From Walking Her Dog in Terrible Pain to Being Pain-FREE

How a Vegetarian Becomes a Vegan and Heals Her Sciatic Nerve Pain

Here is a 2nd case study of a friend who was already a vegetarian and she had terrible sciatic pain.

She and her husband would walk their Golden Retriever in the morning and we talk on a regular basis… when I am out walking our two little dogs. But for a couple of months, I did not see Priscilla and her husband walking their Golden Retriever.

Came Down with Sciatic Pain

And then one day I did she Priscilla and her husband and I asked if they were OK. And Priscilla said she had terrible sciatic pain running down her leg.

And I said, you need to go on my diet, but Priscilla said: “I’m already a vegetarian”. But I said, “You need to give up the dairy products and eggs”. She did not have anything to lose except her pain… so she said she would give it a try.

One Week Later – Amazing Recovery

A week later I saw Priscilla and her husband walking their beautiful Golden Retriever and I asked how she was doing.

And Priscilla said, “All My Pain is Completely Gone” and she handed the dog leash to her husband and came over and gave me a big hug. And she said, “I Didn’t Know Animal Products Caused Inflammation and Pain”.

So Priscilla has now changed from a vegetarian to become a vegan eliminating dairy products and eggs from her diet. Plus all the inflammation in her body has completely disappeared at the same time.

Do You Have Sciatic Nerve Pain?

Inflammation causes pain we know that for sure. And animal products create a toxin which creates inflammation in our bodies and thus causes pain.

If you have sciatic nerve pain then go on my diet and lifestyle and I know for sure that you will be feeling better in most cases in 30 days.

See link to my diet and lifestyle –

You Too Can Be Pain-FREE!

Many Blessings to Everyone

Dr. Paul Haider – Master Herbalist


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