Can We Have Self-Realization Within Minutes?…

Can We Have Self-Realization Within Minutes?

Yes, we can, in 48 minutes only!

Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan, the Enlightened being, proclaims:

“It does not take time to receive Gnan (Self-Realization). It is like turning on a flashlight in pitch darkness. The light will appear instantly. Likewise, it takes no time at all for a Gnani Purush to dispel ignorance with the light of Knowledge (Gnan). After this you will not stumble.”

Say, there is pitch darkness in your home. How will you feel?

You will have clashes with chairs, tables, etc.

And what will happen if you have full light in your room?

There will not be any clash, there will not be any suffering, there will not be any worries, no doubts, no stress! With full light, you feel happiness and your close relatives also will feel happiness. This is what we experience in the light of the Soul.

Hundreds of thousands of spiritual seekers have taken advantage of this opportunity (of attaining Self-Realization from Gnani) and are established in the experience of pure Soul while carrying out their worldly duties parallely. They experience freedom from clashes, from suffering, from worries, all kinds of doubts and stress in their daily life! With the light of the Soul that Gnani kindles in them, they feel happiness and their close relatives also feel happiness. You too can experience this freedom. All you need to do is, take Gnan (Self-Realization) from the Living Gnani!!!

Why do we need ‘Gnani, the Enlightened One’ to attain Self-Realization?

“You yourself are Soul. But you do not have the awareness of how I am the Soul!

Only Gnani Purush can awaken this Soul that is indescribable, inexpressible and not found in words. He does it with sangnya i.e. in association with Gnan. The Gnani Purush can show us, ‘This is that’ within one hour!”

The profound discussions about the experience of the Soul prove fruitless when it comes to illuminating a single ray of light of one’s own Soul. Unless we encounter a living Gnani, and unless we receive the Gnani’s Gnan, we dwell only in words. There is a tremendous difference in the Soul as described in words vis-a-vis the Soul experienced. One may forget descriptions written in words, but one would never forget that which has been seen or experienced. Only the living Gnani can give us this experience of the Soul.

“How can one see what lies beyond the senses when one sees through the eyes of senses themselves? You need a Gnani Purush, in the middle, who can change your vision so that you can see!”

How is that possible?

“When the Gnani Purush gives you Self-Realization, how does he give it? He places a line of demarcation between illusory knowledge and the Knowledge of the Soul; between the knowledge of the ‘Anaatma’ (I am John) and knowledge of the ‘Aatma’ (I am a Pure Soul). Thereafter, there is no likelihood of the mistake ever occurring again. And the Soul will continue to remain in one’s awareness. Not even for a moment will that awareness disappear then.”

The Soul is full of infinite knowledge and infinite vision, but it is currently covered with veils of ignorance. It is ignorance of the Self, meaning unawareness of your true identity. Owing to ignorance, we mistakenly believe the body or the name given to the body, as our Self. The prevailing experience of, ‘I am John, this body, mind, speech, etc. are mine’, is called body-consciousness. After Self-realization, this experience begins to leave, and the experience of the Soul begins to prevail.

“The experience of the Soul happens on destruction of the belief of ‘I am the body (John).’ When the belief of “I am this body” goes, new karma cease to bind you. What more could you want?”

Akram Vignan makes it possible to attain Self-Realization in 48 minutes

To awaken the Soul and attain the experience of eternal bliss, life after life, one has toiled to get rid of passions and obstructions, attachment and abhorrence. This is the traditional step-by-step path to Self-realization! On this path, through renunciation and penance, one tries to get rid of all the weaknesses of anger, pride, illusion, lust, and greed, and thus purify his ego. Only when the ego is pure, it arrives on the threshold of moksha (ultimate liberation). Hence, the Kramic path is quite a difficult one.

Nevertheless, austerities and rituals, when performed with the proper understanding of what is beneficial for one’s Soul and liberation, binds special merit karma. And with such karma, the person one day reaches Gnani Purush. Once you meet Gnani, it is worth asking him for Moksh and eventually achieve ultimate liberation.

However, on the Akram path, Gnani Purush, the Enlightened One, himself, with His grace, purifies our ego. He takes away both our ego (i.e. the belief of ‘I am John’) and the feeling of possession (i.e. the belief that the body, mind, speech, etc. are mine). And following His given principles, we attain the experience of the pure Soul. Once we experience our Soul, our work is done.

Here, through the scientific experiment of separation of ‘I’ and ‘My’, Gnani Purush breaks those layers of ignorance and the direct light of the Soul starts. And through that direct light, you can experience your Soul. This experience of the pure Soul is unclear and indistinct though. However, in the company of Gnani, our real effort to attain a clear and distinct experience of the pure Soul/Self begins from here.

Thus, because of Akram Vignan, today the experience of the Soul can be attained so easily. All that we require to do is, with the highest order of humility and an inner intent of ‘I do not know anything’, seek Self-Realization from Gnani. No other form of eligibility criteria is taken into consideration here. The fact that we have reached Gnani itself proves our eligibility.

And when we attain Self-Realization and obtain the divine vision of the Soul so easily and effortlessly, in just 48 minutes, our heads automatically bow down in reverence before this Gnani Purush, without whom this would never have been possible:

To Him we bow in eternal reverence,

Who kindled in us Pure Light;

Every Soul is a temple now, where the bells chime,

Jai Satchitanand!!!


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In June 1958, spontaneous Self-Realization occurred within Ambalal M. Patel. From this point on, Ambalal became a Gnani Purush, and…

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