Can We Get Something That Is Not In Our Destiny?…

Can We Get Something That Is Not In Our Destiny?

But how do you know what is in your destiny and what is not?

Whatever happens in this world is a result of Nature’s law – the law of cause and effect! We have made the cause in the past by binding karma and are getting its effect today in the form of the result of karma. However, until the result matures and unfolds before us, we don’t know how things will shape up.

My ambition is way higher than my level. Will God grant my wish?

The fact is that God never grants any wish to anyone nor does he meddle in anything, no matter what our destiny is.

God, by his inherent nature, has never done anything except ‘seeing and knowing everything as it happens, without any attachment or hatred towards it’, as he has no wish or judgment about anything whatsoever in this world. God is neither the Creator of this world nor does He run the world. In whatever we can see and feel in this world, there is not an iota of doership of God in any of it. This is a fact.

The Enlightened One explains:

You yourself are God! Then, why are you not getting things you wish?

The reason is your own Antraay karma (the obstructive karma that we’ve bound in the past and is giving results today). And there’s no one else who comes and puts in this Antraay karma inside you (to obstruct your ambition from being fulfilled), you yourself bind these karma.

How are these Antraay karma bound?

Through desires, the worldly desires!

One runs behind material things to attain worldly happiness, and that happiness keeps running away from him. It’s like a mirage.

One forgets that this world is a mirage, and hence, antraay karma are bound (by building desires). On the other hand, when one becomes desireless, when one has no desires within, then all the things in the world come to him. But then (at that higher stage of being), it makes no difference to him, none of the worldly things fascinate him; he experiences no attachment towards them.

The law of desires is such that all our desires will certainly get fulfilled one day.

When we get what we wish for, the desire gets fulfilled, but most of the time, our desire has already died by then.

Desire is said to be like a burning fire. It keeps burning inside and continues to torment us until it gets fulfilled. And if we get things only after the desire has died, then what’s the point?! Thus, we are fooled by making desires. Why become fools?

If it’s in our destiny let it come, and if it doesn’t, it’s alright. What we have, is that less by any means?

When you were born, did you keep any ambition for your 9 months’ lodging and boarding (in the womb)? No, yet it happened! for cradle, milk, food, nourishment – did you keep a wish for anything? No, yet it was granted to you.

And from the time you started desiring things (being ambitious), from then began the sequence of not obtaining things? This is how it is! If you do not keep any desire, you get everything.

An experiment that we can try and see

Today, go home and see for yourself.

Do not ask for food, water or anything, just sit and relax. Then see how your wife runs around to get all of those things before you.

We’ve observed that when a husband falls sick and doesn’t demand anything, when he neither wishes to eat anything nor drink anything, how the entire house is concerned about him. And when you are normal, demanding and consuming things the whole long day, then your wife keeps nagging. If you do not demand anything, she remains preoccupied with thoughts of, ‘Let me prepare this dish for him, and this dish too’, and she urges you, “You tell me what you want and I’ll prepare it for you.”

Let’s try it out and see rather than waiting on our destiny!


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