Can We Achieve Moksha In This Life With Meditation?…

Can We Achieve Moksha In This Life With Meditation?

Once upon a time…

There were three good friends, Amar, Aayush, and Abhijaat. Once, they decided to practice meditation together, every morning from 5am to 6am, at Amar’s place in his living room balcony. They began the practice, and also continued it sincerely every morning, without even a single day of break, and thus completed 10 years of meditation!

On the 10th year anniversary, they were curious to know the result of their continuous meditation. For this, Abhijaat invited a Guru named Shree Acharya.

From the moment Shree Acharya entered Amar’s house, he was constantly observing the space and was also looking intently at the three friends. He closed his eyes for 10 minutes, and then he asked Abhijaat, “What are your questions for me?” Abhijaat said, “We three friends have been meditating for 10 years, so we wanted to know the outcome. What are the changes in us? What have we gained? Guru Shree Acharya closed his eyes again for 15 minutes and then he said the following…

“Mr. Aayush – when you were meditating, your goal was that you become free from sickness and diseases. For this, you were very sincere and therefore you will no longer face any sickness or diseases.

Mr. Abhijaat – when you were meditating, your goal was that you excel in your studies and become free from stress. For this, you were very sincere and therefore were able to get the Number 1 rank in Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) and are now a renowned scientist, totally free from stress.

Mr. Amar – when you were meditating, your goal was to remain as the ‘Self’ and you remained as the ‘Self.’ You were a seer and knower of Mr. Amar. Therefore, you were free from birth and death; you were free from body and ego; you were free from mind, speech, and actions; you were free from anger, pride, deceit, and greed; you were free from sexuality; and you were experiencing eternal bliss, peace, and happiness inside!”

Immediately, Abhijaat asked Amar, “What is the ‘Self’?” and “How could you remain as the ‘Self?’ Please tell us more about it. We would like to follow it too!

Therefore, Amar said…

“I received Self-Realization from Param Pujyashree Deepakbhai when I was 18 years old. During Self-Realization, I came to know who I really am. I am really a Pure Soul, and Amar is just a temporary relative identity, which dies after a few years. In every birth, we spend a few years with the body, and then we leave. The body was sometimes a human body, or an animal body, or a celestial body, or in hell as a beast body. We have changed our bodies every few years. Therefore, how can Amar be me? He will live till age 90 and then pass away. What gets transferred to the next birth is the Pure Soul, and that really is ‘Me!’ I am permanent, full of bliss, peace, and happiness. That is who I really am!

I remained in ‘Self’ as a Pure Soul and was just seeing and observing Amar as a separate entity i.e. “What are Amar’s thoughts? What does Amar like or dislike? What does he like to eat? Where does he get mad?” There was complete separation between ‘Me’ (Self/Pure Soul) and Amar!”

Aayush asked Amar, “So how did staying in ‘Self’ as a Pure Soul help you? And with this Meditation what will you achieve?”

Amar said, from Param Pujyashree Dada Bhagwan, I learnt that…

You should always keep a goal for meditation. He said, “That which joins the goal and the meditator is called meditation.” I remained as the ‘Self’, therefore my goal (‘Self’) and the meditator (‘Self’) became one, and I gained permanent bliss, peace, and happiness. With that, Param Pujyashree Dada Bhagwan gives a guarantee for Moksha within the next fifteen births!

Abhijaat said to Amar, “So in our case, we just wasted our time on a temporary goal! We had no clue of who we really are! Amar, what else can you share about it?

Without Self-Realization, when the meditation is done, it is done through ego. That is, we may achieve our goal to be free from stress and excel in studies, but in general, it increases our ego. We say proudly that “I am Ph.D. and free from stress.” That itself is ego, because you think that “I am Abhijaat”, whereas in reality, you are a Pure Soul. Only if you are Self-Realized, saying that does not matter, because in your belief you are really not Abhijaat anymore!

Further, when we see a bad thought in our meditation, what do we do? We get disturbed! In my case, I just watched the bad thought and asked Amar to apologize and not make this mistake again. Amar apologized and canceled the bad thought and I watched it. This helps us excel on the spiritual path tremendously and leads you to Moksha.

Otherwise, meditation would only help increase concentration. It makes your mind strong, that’s about it. Concentration will certainly help you focus on your work, but it does not lead you or progress you on your spiritual path. If you want freedom/Moksha, then you gotta know yourself.

Promptly, with a big smile and happiness, Abhijaat says to Amar, “Please take us to Param Pujyashree Deepakbhai to get Self-Realized. When will you take us?”

Aayush also prompts, “Please take us today, itself!”

Amar says, “First, we shall go to the website,, and find out when and where Param Pujyashree Deepakbhai will conduct the Self-Realization (Gnan Vidhi) ceremony. This ceremony is conducted at several different locations. So, we can pick the closest location for us, and accordingly, at the specified time, we have to be physically present there. In the meantime, I would suggest that you read Param Pujyashree Dada Bhagwan’s small little books, such as “Who am I” and “What is Self-Realization.” All books and videos are free online. There are no charges for downloads, nor for the Self-Realisation Ceremony.

Listening to this, Aayush and Abhijaat give a big hug and cheer to their friend Amar!

Am sure, from the above, you got the answer to your question too. In case, you want to ask any further questions directly to Pujya Deepakbhai in person, you can do so. To know where and when, you may click on the Schedule tab, shown on the website. Am sure, with the grace of this Living Gnani, you will achieve the path of liberation (Moksha) in this life itself!


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