Can The Soul Overcome Physical Pain Since It Is Not The Soul Who Is Getting Affected?…

Can The Soul Overcome Physical Pain Since It Is Not The Soul Who Is Getting Affected?

Our physical body and Pure Soul are totally different and separate, like two different entities with different responsibilities. If we get a bruise, the body experiences the pain and the Pure Soul only ‘Sees and Knows’ it; it does not do anything else. The Soul just observes what the body named as ‘Rahul’ (your name) is experiencing, without any attachment or hatred whatsoever.

Why does the Pure Soul not overcome the physical pain?

Because, ‘body’ is under the governance of Nature’s law. Rahul has to bear the fruits of the seeds of good and bad karmas he has sown in the past. If Rahul has to bear the physical pain, Pure Soul will only watch the pain without any negative or positive feelings or emotions because it is free from all of that. Rahul may react and give a negative response, “Because of the rough bus driver, I broke my arm and am suffering pain.” However, Pure Soul, has no reaction.

Lord Mahavir, the fully Enlightened being, too had to suffer physical pain during his lifetime. A cowherd pierced nail-like thorns in Lord’s ears as he was quite annoyed with Lord for not looking after his cows. But Mahavir Bhagwan had ZERO turmoil inside, as He knew that He was a Pure Soul. Later, when two villagers came and removed the thorns, Mahavir Bhagwan had an unbearable physical pain and a loud cry came out. But the physical pain that happened to the body was according to the Nature’s law and hence had to happen for sure. All of this has nothing to do with the ‘Pure Soul.’ Lord Mahavir remained as a Pure Soul whose function is to just ‘See and know’.

Why did he receive such terrible physical pain?

Receiving such physical pain was destined as it was a result of his past deed (karma). So Lord passed through it with equanimity.

In one of his previous births, he had tortured his servant for not listening to his instructions. To punish the servant, He ordered his men to put hot lead in his ears. The servant went through miserable pain and finally succumbed to death. Later, in this birth, the servant was reborn as a cowherd who happened to put thorns in Lord’s ears. Even such great Lords, who achieved Moksha in near future, cannot delete their karmas. We have to suffer our karmas even if we are living 100% as a Pure Soul. Nobody can delete karmas, either good or bad.

Can the Lord overcome the pain?

They exhaust their karmas with equanimity such that the karma leave forever.

If we have hurt someone, we will get it back in return. And at that time, we should stay in absolute equanimity. If we don’t, then our karma will multiply and it will also hinder our progress on the spiritual path.

Where there is equanimity, there is no ego!

Many people will hold their palm over a burning candle without flinching. Now, that is not necessarily equanimity. One could even do it out of his ego to prove a point.

Gnani Purush Dada Bhagwan says that in case his hand fell in fire, he would immediately retract it.

Many think to hold the hand in fire is steadfastness, but it may not be necessarily so.

Steadfastness means absolute tranquility within. There is zero turmoil inside when one resides in the Soul, and not in the body. The physical pain is in the body and it has nothing to do with the equanimity or the steadfastness of the inner Self (Soul).

Take away for you

Lord Mahavir or Gnani Purush Dada Bhagwan were Self-Realized beings.

Once you are Self-Realized, you too will begin to walk on the path of equanimity that the Lord trod on. Since you have realized that you are a Pure Soul, you are able to maintain separation from the body, which is currently in pain, and remain just a Seer and Knower of the pain as it arises, as it manifests and as it leaves after some time. The pain is temporary and You as a Soul are permanent. So, You see and know every phase of the pain and let it go.

The moment you see the body as a separate entity, the physical pain will not affect you. Your unfolding karmas will get 100% exhausted when you stay in total equanimity. You are a Pure Soul, and your job is only to “See and Know” what Rahul is experiencing. It is that simple, provided you know that really, “I am a Pure Soul!”

How to become Self-Realized?

Go to and check out the schedule for the Gnan-Vidhi Ceremony (Self-Realization) in your nearest location. Do attend this ceremony, which is totally free of cost and it lasts for approx. 2 hours only.

In this ceremony, Pujya Deepakbhai Desai graces us with the knowledge of Self, which makes us realize that, “I am a Pure Soul, Rahul (your name) is just a temporary identity.” You will gain your real identity and will feel a lot of peace inside.

Pujya Deepakbhai Desai is free from all faults, including ego, anger, pride, deceit, greed, sex, attachment, and abhorrence. Meeting him is an absolute honor, and you will feel that he does not live in his body. He is a Pure Soul and stays that way for 24 hours! You can ask him any questions on your problems or on spirituality. Therefore, hope you get a chance to meet him and can take enlightenment from him!


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