Can The Soul Exist In Multiple Bodies Simultaneously?…

Can The Soul Exist In Multiple Bodies Simultaneously?

No, one Soul cannot simultaneously exist in multiple bodies, nor can multiple incarnation of Soul happen at the same point of time.

The Soul is an Eternal and an Indestructible Element

The life-forms such as amoeba multiply systematically through division, from one into two,

and from two into four. Therefore, many people feel that the Soul divides.

However, Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan clarifies that in there,

“the Soul does not undergo division. It is the body that goes through the division. There are infinite living beings in the body, and they have their own divisions. In a single potato, there are many, many living beings. When you cut it up, you could plant this small piece and it would even grow. On the other hand, there are so many other things which, if you cut them up, would not grow! Anything which you cut up and it grows when you plant it has many living beings in it. Plants with milky secretions and succulents (water-retaining) like cacti would grow if you planted a small segment. They contain the most number of living beings which continue to proliferate.”

Thus, every living being has one Soul of its own. But inside the body of one living being, there could reside many more living beings with their respective Souls in it.

The Soul Cannot Be Divided

Each one of us is the whole Absolute Soul. The Absolute Soul is an eternal element. It is whole. It can never be divided into portions. You cannot make pieces out of the Absolute Soul. The Soul has no shape or form as such; it is in the form of light; the Soul is Absolute knowledge!

Param Pujya Dadashri explains,

“Anything that has a form will always have a portion. However, that which is without form does not have portions. The formless is only in the form of one thing. If it could be made into portions or broken into pieces and divided, it would never become whole again. Thus, the Soul is complete…. The Soul is in an elemental form. Therefore, not a single piece of it can be separated; it is entirely whole. Division would create a portion, and it would destroy the element, but that is not how it is. The Soul cannot be divided.”

On Death, the Soul Leaves the Body and in the Same Moment Enters the New Body

As soon as the Soul leaves the body, that body is declared dead; and the Soul goes straight to its new destination where it acquires its place of creation.

At the time of death, while the Soul is in the body it is leaving, simultaneously, its other end is already present in the womb wherein it reincarnates. There is neither any time lag in this nor any scope for multiple reincarnation.

Here, the mother’s Soul is separate and the baby’s Soul that has arrived from outside in the womb of the mother is separate, because they are two different living beings. Even when twins are born to a mother, the twins are two living beings, and accordingly each one arrives into the womb with its own Soul. Thus, every Soul reincarnates into one body of its own, although they may be located next to each other or within another.

The Gnani, the Enlightened One, speaks after seeing it, as it is!

The individual differences in perceptions that appear in this world are because of illusion and because of one’s assessment from the perspective (angle or viewpoint) of the intellect. When seen through the Vision of the real element i.e. from the centre, there is oneness. That indeed is the Vision of the Absolute Soul!

Gnani sees things from the Vision of the Absolute Soul and He speaks after seeing it, as it is. He will not say, it is not to it is, and he will not say it is to when it is not. You are free to ask him anything you want. Whatever you want, you are free to ask him. He shall always give you the correct answers! For more information, please visit


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