Can The Love For Materialistic Possessions bring-Lasting Joy And Happiness?…

Can The Love For Materialistic Possessions bring-Lasting Joy And Happiness?

Everyone feels a sense of happiness based on the set of beliefs one carries.

For instance, if I have a belief that branded clothes show status, I would feel happy shopping branded clothes and things. For the same, the other person may have belief that wearing new clothes is important; hence he would look at buying new clothes, not necessarily they are branded.

The beliefs that we carry are quite varied and diverse across different things and aspects in life. We may like to wear branded clothes as it displays status; but when it comes to jewellery, we may like delicate and somber design as it looks elegant.

So, it is the beliefs implanted by us that decide our happiness. And when we get things or circumstances that fit into our frame of belief, we feel happy. And the slightest variation in it could cause unhappiness.

People are lost in temporary joy and happiness

Many times, with change in time, our belief also changes. It implies, that which brings us worldly happiness is all based on temporary, worldly and ever-changing perceptions, likes and moods. The circumstances in which we experienced happiness too change. And the worldly material things, being temporary in nature, also change. Due to these changing factors, our happiness does not remain the same; it keeps changing and turns into sadness or unhappiness as well. Thus, our happiness is not lasting as it is not based on some lasting and permanent factor.

Moreover, the matter in which we feel happiness, the other person finds endless suffering in the same. So, the happiness for each one is subjective or relative. Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan, an enlightened being says, that which one calls true happiness must be acceptable to everyone. It should be universal truth.

Many philosophies and theories propound that true happiness is within!

How can we have this inner happiness? To derive inner happiness, maintain obliging nature and help people. Every living being desires happiness in this world, no one wants suffering by any means. So we do not hurt others by our thoughts, speech or actions. Happiness is gained by following the rule, “GIVE WHAT YOU WANT”. The moment we determine to give others happiness, we sow the seeds of happiness for ourselves. Accordingly, we’ll get things and circumstances as per our desire in next life. Anything in excess is poison, the constancy and continuity of worldly happiness also makes one tired of same. The historical stories of great kings show how they left their huge kingdom and renounced the world in search of true or real or permanent happiness.

Only that which is permanent can give lasting joy and happiness!

Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan says, happiness is one, on attainment of which, suffering never comes in our life.

It means happiness that is not lasting cannot be called as happiness at all. Happiness gained from worldly things like money, house, food, job, etc. is not lasting because it is gained from temporary things. Only that which is permanent can give us permanent and lasting happiness and joy.

We are a pure Soul. Soul is permanent and is full of bliss and happiness. The Soul is our true identity. It is the Self. Thus once we realize ‘who am I’, once we attain Self-Realization, we can get permanent happiness.


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