Can Spirituality Help Relationship Problems?…

Can Spirituality Help Relationship Problems?

Yes, spirituality can definitely help with relationship problems!

Spirituality contributes positively to a healthy and solid relationship. Spirituality changes the way we perceive our partner and gives us a broader and healthy understanding. Through this understanding, there comes solutions, trust, openness, oneness and scientific understanding as to how to diffuse the difference of opinions, arguments, conflicts and much more.

Our expectations, demands, attachment, possessiveness, jealousy, grudge, complaints, opinions, insistence and our obstinacy are the ones that are constantly hurting our relationship. It is for these reasons that we experience division and have issues in our relationship.

Besides these, there are many more mistakes within us. But we cannot see them because of our strong inner belief that, ‘I am John (please insert your name here) and I have no faults, I am a very good person”, which makes us partial towards our (worldly) self rather than to our real Self which is the pure Soul that resides within.

But do you know why we have such emotions? These mistakes are a result of the demerit karmas that we have committed in our past life. And we, rather than focusing on our mistakes, are consumed in seeing the mistakes of our partner!

Whilst we are focused on seeing the faults and mistakes of our partner, we will continue to experience uneasiness, lack of contentment, disharmony and absence of peace continuously in our relationship.

Through Spiritual Science, we get the right understanding that, ‘I am a pure Soul and so is my partner.’ Rather than seeing their mistakes and faults, we learn to see ours. We learn to make compromises, we learn to adjust, and we become willing to accept our partner just the way he/she is.

Freedom from mistakes and blunders!

Our attachment to our worldly self is our biggest mistake. This blunder does not let us rest and it keeps us burning from within. All our mistakes stem from this very fault and it further perpetuates many more blunders.

These mistakes can only be broken after Self-realisation because we then realise that our real Self is not the same as our worldly self (i.e. our body and name that we identify with). We really are a pure Soul. And without the knowledge of this real Self, there is no liberation from mistakes. When we acquire Self-realisation, we no longer remain partial towards our mind, speech or body. And it is this very impartiality that allows us to see our faults, admit them and even destroy them.

So, spirituality is indeed the way to go in order to have a healthy and positive relationship. Spirituality not only helps us with our immediate relationship problems but also with problems brought on by external factors. For instance, challenging circumstances and people who may indirectly take away our peace of mind. It is at that point when this science presents itself and gives us the right understanding as to how to bring about a positive outcome and that too without causing pain to anyone!


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