Can Mindful Living Be Inherited If I Live Mindfully In Front Of My Children?…

Can Mindful Living Be Inherited If I Live Mindfully In Front Of My Children?

Not really! Mindfulness is generally a result of the development of each individual.

But yes, if one lives mindfully, it definitely has a great impact and influence on those around them and connected to them. Also, it’s a given fact that children learn the most by watching their parents.

Therefore here, the Enlightened One suggests:

First of all, you both, husband and wife, live mindfully. Do not see faults in each other, do not hurt each other, and do not have excessive attachment towards each other, do not have excessive expectations and blame upon each other. Live having love for each other and stay as companions on the journey to liberation. Children will automatically be cultured and well-behaved then.

For any of their bad or damaging habits, try explaining to them with love and find ways out. If we ask our child, ‘Do not see TV’, and then we keep seeing news, gazing away at the TV, then the child will decide, “Dad says no to me for TV, and he himself is enjoying it. Now, I too will enjoy.” And thus, he spends a gala time on iphone, whatsapp, facebook, etc. This is how he learns from his parents.

Rather, the solution is to sit with him and lovingly explain to him that ‘See, you must secure at least these many grades in studies. Work a bit hard. Am not asking you to not see TV at all; you may watch half an hour of TV, but in the rest of the time, finish your homework, study well.’ This is how you may resolve their issues as they arise, with a meaningful and balanced dialogue.

Children are obviously more likely to make mistakes. Instead of scolding them for their mistakes, teach them to do pratikraman everyday. Pratikraman means, every time your child happens to make a mistake, gently make him pray to God, “Dear Lord, I made this mistake. I sincerely apologize for it and seek your forgiveness. Please pardon me and grant me strength so that I do not repeat this mistake ever again.”

Inspite of doing pratikraman, he may continue to err. That’s not a problem. Just ask him to do pratikraman once again. Every time he does pratikraman, one layer of his mistake gets cleared. Thus, this exercise shall help him overcome a lot of his weaknesses he’s brought forward from his past life.

For a mindful living, one needs good concentration, or else how will he practice awareness. So in this direction, everyday, have your children close their eyes for 10 minutes and sing a prayer to the Lord, and while singing, ask them to see (visualize), with their closed eyes, each word that they say. This will enhance their power of concentration and help them progress in the direction of mindfulness.

Also, inspire your kids to pray for world peace and salvation. And every morning, ensure that at least five times, they make this pure inner intent before God, that, ‘May no living being be caused slightest hurt by my thoughts, words or any actions!’ This prayer shall go a long way in moulding them in the direction you aspire to.

Lastly, the most important thing you may do is, have your children sit with the living Enlightened One (Gnani Purush), and spend as much time possible in His company. This will help enhance their mindfulness automatically.

Following each of the above points shall help enhance your mindfulness too!

We are generally so lost and absorbed in our own inner cobwebs, that most of the times, we remain drowned in our thoughts internally, and activities keep happening mechanically, externally. Unconsciously (without our awareness), we are constantly and continuously reacting to these thoughts and events by harbouring numerous opinions and judgements, and harnessing various intents, based on our own conclusions. We are neither aware of these undercurrents, nor do we have an understanding of the dire consequences and the damage that these are causing to ourselves as well as to our children and family.

In this direction, the Enlightened One strongly recommends us to attain Self-Realization. When we realize, ‘who really am I and who really is the doer in this world i.e. how things actually happen by us and others’, that is when we will know the right way to a mindful living.

So, approach the Living Gnani (the Enlightened One), and surrender unto him all your aspirations and responsibilities, just follow the path shown by Him. Your work will certainly be done there! 👍


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